Sunday, September 14, 2014

Motivational Monday - New England Historic Genealogical Society Comes West

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner Benward

NEHGS Comes West: 

         Navigating New England


                   New York Resources

,...... California Genealogical Society and Library partnered with NEHGS to bring this event to all of us.

It was a beautiful day. Thank goodness since you had to leave the hotel to walk down the street to enter the Crystal Ballroom from the street,  still part of the hotel, where the event was being held.......  There were all types of activities going on .......  of course, registration first. At the other end of the registration room was a used book seller. Going inside the main room I found a CGS table where you can learn more about the organization, sign up or renew your membership. They had a second table with books for sale representing their organization. Another table for a silent auction....... lots of goodies but the one I would have loved to win was a 6 hour consultation with Jane Lindsey (and she is actually going to NEHGS in Boston in a couple of weeks so she could use some of those hours for your research - exciting!!- long to short I didn't win.) Another table represented NEHGS, membership, and a good variety of books and help resources for sale.

I renewed my CGS membership and received a free copy of  "A Most Dreadful Earthquake, a first hand account by Dorothy Fowler ". I renewed my NEHGS membership also. I did buy a laminated sheet "The Portable Genealogist, Using DNA in Genealogy" by Chris Child and a small book "The Genealogist's US History Pocket Reference" by Nancy Hendrickson. 

The Crystal Ballroom was a large room, very elegant with the old world look & feel, comfortable chairs, fake windows with mirror inserts (gave the room a much roomier space than it was)  ......  unfortunately the room was hard to cool down (it was warmer than usual in Berkeley)  ..........  coffee, tea and water were available all day and in the afternoon SURPRISE cookies appeared.

The four sessions that Chris Child
and Alice Kane
both from NEHGS presented ..............

Migrations Into and Out of New England, 1620-1900, Chris Child

Boston in a Whirlwind: A Primer Tour of 10 Repositories, Alice Kane

NEHGS Sources for New York Research, Chris Child

I Had Him in My Sights, and POOF! Strategies for Relocating the Disappearing Ancestor, Alice Kane

....... lots of good information and resources for me to follow-up with and investigate further. No, New York is not one of the New England states but it is a border state, it has a big impact on New England,  and many migrated there from one of the other New England states so they are doing a concentration on New York too.(and I am so glad) Since I have New York ancestors I was thrilled and very interested in the third session. I do have ancestors from Connecticut (and Massachusetts -I think). I think that part of the Connecticut ancestors originally came down from the Massachusetts Bay area, so is that where they entered the United States.  So you can see I am really looking forward to checking out their catalog to see what they do have and how they can further my research.

For those that are not sure what 6 states New England refers too, they are ........  Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut.

So if you have New England ancestors, I would say that the New England Historic Genealogical Society would be a good investment for your future research. I am going to take advantage of this resource during this year.

The California Genealogical Society does a lot with San Francisco, Oakland and the bay area they also have an extensive library of books and materials from all over the country......  plus computers set up hooked to the internet and members have access to at least a dozen genealogical sites........ they also have a series of very good classes each month, plus other events and trips yearly......  CGS is also a good investment for your research. I have been a member for several years and attend many of their classes during the week and on Saturdays. I try to go a lot earlier so I can take advantage of their library and internet services. A good day outing.

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