Friday, September 19, 2014

Society Saturday - Backblaze Backed Us Up

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward


Members came early with their laptops. They were looking forward to hearing all about Backblaze and receiving a free 3 month subscription.......  and they would install the program before or after the general meeting. For those they did not get too or did not bring their laptops there were certificates to take home and the member can install the program themselves and all for FREE for three months. This was a WIN-WIN situation.  Many members received the FREE 3 month offer and got the program installed at the meeting. They were able to ask questions before, during and after the installation and then during the meeting and after the meeting. I did notice that several took home a certificate.

Above you can see Backblaze representative Yev Pusin helping early members install the Backblaze program on their laptops and answer any questions. I am happy to say that our members kept Yev busy. He needed to hand out numbers so that he was sure he would get to everyone, so that each member would get the attention they deserves, 

The meeting began with introductions, announcements and happy finds..........  Yev was introduced and gave a great presentation about Backblaze and what online backup means to the individual and their data. 

I love the saying on the bottom of the Backblaze business card that says in cursive " Kiss your lost files hello" and there is a fat red lipstick kiss at the end of the sentence............ 

I have Backblaze on my laptop, it was installed in February at the RootsTech Conference in Salt Lake City. The first time it did a backup it took several days. No I didn't leave my system on 24/7 but it just started up again where it left off. It just works in the background. If you don't turn on your computer for days it will send you a message when you do turn it on that your system has not been backed up for  XX days and needs to be backed up. It is painless and an inexpensive security blanket. If you already have another system working, you can add this one also.........  see what you like about each and make up your mind. 

Unfortunately I cannot tell you how wonderful the service is because I have not needed to find lost files or do reload of my data.......  thank goodness, THANK GOODNESS (knock on wood) for that. So I will go on faith and the good ratings and tributes to the company. 

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