Saturday, February 14, 2015

Surname Saturday - Valentine's Day

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward / wikipedia

What is in a name?

Valentine is a masculine given name derived from the Roman family name Valentinus, which was derived from the Latin word valens, which means "strong and healthy." Valentine was the name of several saints of the Roman Catholic Church. St Valentine's Day was named for a third-century martyr. The name is in occasional use for girls in France. The usual feminine form of the name is Valentina..... see how many people have the surname VALENTINE ..... & more

Behind the Name...........

or is it just a day for lovers, or for friends to express their love for you. .............

Does this bring back memories? .......... my thoughts went to grammar school, when we would exchange Valentines in class. We spent some time creating valentines and then decorating a box to receive valentines. Then the fun begins as you receive Valentines in your special mailbox over the hours at school that day.

I would think to myself,  "Oh my, who will drop a valentine in my box? Will I find a valentine from Billie, or George? OR someone totally different? It could be a happy day or NOT".

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