Thursday, February 5, 2015

Those Places Thursday - FGS/RootsTech Conference NEXT WEEK

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Are you going? This conference is right around the corner.......  a little over one week away. Are you going?  Will I run into you in the hallways, exhibit hall, the LIBRARY?

Of course I am talking about the two conferences being held at the same time in the same place-

Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS)
Salt Plaza Convention Center 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
11-14 February 2015

I am excited and anxious to get going. I will be driving with friends, Marilyn & Ron Ulbricht, on Sunday and returning the following Sunday. So there is some researching in my future along with attending the conference's.

Check List:
I have gone through the syllabus and picked my classes and a second class for most just in case. I have downloaded the conference APP and have added my classes/ backup's, luncheons and other activities to it. The APP is so great, saving time at the conference.
I have started collecting all electronics that I am taking and making sure they are charged initially. I have all the cords, chargers, & batteries needed. Let's see I will be taking my laptop, backup drive, iphone, several thumbdrives, flip pal, ipod.
I still need to update my FAMILIES APP for my Legacy Family Tree Software. This is key for me and is so helpful all the time, not just at the conference & LIBRARY.
I have my shopping list for groceries and drinks to take with me. Maybe Friday or Saturday. I will have a microwave and refrigerator in my hotel room.
I am almost done going through the LIBRARY catalog and printing off what I want to look through while at the LIBRARY.
WHOOOPEY! I ordered and received already a new roller bag to house my laptop and other electronics and MORE.From - a High Sierra backpack roller - a recommendation from Thomas McEntee of Geneabloggers. Lots and Lots of room.
I am collecting my office supplies that I usually take........ paper clips, highlighters, pencils, lots of post its, ziplock bags of all sizes, tablets of paper,
I always take extra stuff to do just in case of down time........ latest issues of my Knitting & Genealogy Magazines, several knitting projects, and my fully loaded ipod.

Gosh, what have I forgotten? What oh what am I forgetting about? I am sure it is something important but what? 

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