Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wisdom Wednesday- Mecca Time!

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward 

Ron, Marilyn and I  have traveled to Mecca (Salt Lake City LIBRARY)........

I have spent the last two days in the library (8-5 each day) and I can say I am tired. I did locate a number of items in indexes but I will need to find out where the actual documents are. I have verified a lot of my information which really makes me happy. I certainly have more research to do but I think I will be really tired out by the end of each day so this will probably be all the research I will do this time.

They sure have a lot of information on New Zealand and of course British Isles. I took advantage of all of it, Fortunately there is so much more that I didn't even get too this time around,

OOOOPs!I  had to take a little nap so I could continue.

Registration opened this afternoon. It is automated and went very quickly. Did a little exploring at the convention center, things are really spread out this year. Tomorrow is FGS Society Day for me. That means there will be sessions all day long having to do with the workings of societies, Looks like a couple of new subjects have been added this year. But whatever it is I always learn something and they are usually lively discussions. Looking forward to it and to sharing it with you.

Tonight was a gathering of the delegates, use to be Joseph Smith Memorial Building use to be the Hotel Utah. They are renovating it and it is beautiful - very elegant. Great buffet of finger foods.  Josh Taylor, President of FGS and our Spring Seminar presenter.  He welcomed everyone, he made a couple of announcements (which I can not share with you for a couple of days) a few words from Membership and a couple of other members and then we were left on our own to mingle and get to know each other. A lot of very familiar faces but a lot of new faces too. Nice couple of hours.


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