Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Wordless (OR Wordy) Wednesday @ SLIG

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Where in the world is Sandi?

      Salt Lake City

WHY?  .....as if you need a reason to be in Salt Lake City with the Largest Library in the country maybe the world.

..... but since you asked I am attending a week long conference SLIG

SLIG??  Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy sponsored by Utah Genealogy Society

 If you are not familiar, it has been around for at least 20 years. There are a couple of participants that have actually attended all of them, Amazing! Several years back I heard about it about it and for whatever reason thought it was more for want to be professionals but it is not. It doesn't hurt that the LIBRARY is right up the street.

This conference is a week long conference: Monday thru Friday. You sign up for one topic for the entire week, It is a very  concentrated week, very [in depth study. I am enjoying myself........
I have been reunited with many friends and making new friends. I have chosen "US Records and Research" with Paula Stuart-Warren, Josh Taylor and Debbie Mieszala They each alternate talking about various subjects dealing with US Records - Planning, Vital Records, Church Records, US Passports, US Census, Clustering, Twentieth & Twenty-First Century Research and so much more.........  it is an amazing week!!

We have been kept busy but there is still plenty of time for your own research too. It does make for long days probably 13 hours awake and going, then maybe a couple more hours on your computer in your room or getting what you did today organized and ready for the next day. It sounds overwhelming and it can be so I am just setting my own pace and trying not to get too tired and remembering to eat. (ok ok it wouldn't hurt to miss a couple of meals but WHY)

Check out the Utah Genealogical Association for more of the details of the this week.......  see all the different subjects they offer. And you can see when the 2017 sessions will happen.

This is not my first time at the LIBRARY in SLC but it is my first SLIG conference. There are about 360 participants and over half of them are first timers. Apparently these are all records. We also have someone from Netherlands, China and India, now those are LONG trips.  Oh the conference is being held in the Hilton which is two blocks (L O  N  G BLOCKS)south of the LIBRARY. Luckily for me (and many others) SLIG has provided a bus to take people back and forth all the week.

Last night we had a plenary session with Rev Dr David McDonald who blogs "Thinking Genealogically" .........  I have to say it was a fun night, I laughed so much my face was hurting, just what we needed. Excellent first night. If you ever get a chance to listen to him, do it, you won't regret it. He is teaching US Early Church Records. The two DNA classes are huge, it is a hot topic right now.

I am getting ready for tomorrow and I am tired but fired up about being here. Thankful that I am financially but healthy enough to attend.

Getting organized for tomorrow, and putting information and new records I've  found into my Legacy program. Wifi is free and good so we are all doing a lot more from our rooms too. Y

Yes I have found 3 new marriages, a passenger list from Baltimore, and confirmed a maiden name,,,,,,,, ahhhhhhhhh, life is good!
But it is not all FUN there is playtime too................. oh my LIFE IS GOOD!!

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