Monday, September 5, 2011

Military Monday - New Project released from

FamilySearch has released the next in a great lineup of California Projects,  The US, California, Sawtelle—National Homes for Disabled Soldiers, 1866–1938.  These records give military history (unit(s), enlistment date, discharge date); personal history (birth date and place, description, occupation, religion, residence after discharge from home); history while in the home including reason for discharge; and general information which can include pension number and more.

The Sawtelle Veterans Home was a care home for disabled American veterans in what is today part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area . The Home, formally the Pacific Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, was established in 1887 on part of Rancho San Vicente y Santa Monica lands donated by Senator John P. Jones and Arcadia B. de Baker. By 1900 with over 1000 residents a new hospital was built. This in turn was replaced in 1927 by the Wadsworth Hospital." (Wikipedia)

This appears to be an easy project, two entries per image, and with the speed of our current indexers may be gone before this project update is printed in the newsletter.  If so, watch for other California projects. 

If you are interested in helping, go to, sign in, install the tool, and begin your indexing. The more the merrier. 

This message was sent out by California State Genealogical Alliance to all its member society's. They would like you to send this message to all your members and get more people on board. The more that are indexing, the less any of us have to do and the sooner the project will be complete and ready for everyone to use.

posted by Sandra Gardner Benward for Military Monday 

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  1. Wow! My 4th great uncle lived here from 1901 until his death in 1926. I just recently put a given name my elusive "Uncle Doc(k)". He was born Adam Clark in Ohio. He served in the Civil War and later became a miner in Arizona and various towns in California before he moved to Sawtelle. I don't know how he got his nickname.


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