Saturday, September 17, 2011

You're Invited! Nisanen Indians and Genealogy Presentation

Visitors are welcome to hear April Moore at the next Placer County Genealogy Society (PCGS) regular monthly meeting,
  • Date: Thursday, September 22nd
  • Time: 7 pm
  • Place: Beecher Room of the Auburn Library, 350 Nevada Street, Auburn
  • Topic: "Nisanen Indians and Genealogy"
About the Speaker
April Moore is an indigenous Nisenan Maidu and Welmelti Washoe of California; she was born and raised in the Auburn area. Her family maintained much of the native culture, meaning they were traditionally taught by their grandparents and elders. She is active within the Maidu/Washoe culture and involved with the Maidu Traditionalists, a group preserving the Maidu songs and traditional dances as well as preserving the knowledge of assembling regalia used in the dances.

Her cultural background enabled her to become a Chapa-De Indian Health board member. She retired from twenty-eight years of service to the Placer Hills Union School District over four years ago. One of her jobs was the Indian Education coordinator, cultural educator, resource person, and tutor for the numerous Native American students within the district. She also conducted demonstrations on Maidu culture and lecture at surrounding schools. She worked as an archaeological technician/Native American monitor in Placer County, Nevada County and Sacramento County as well as with the U.S. Forest Service.  She participated with Placer County Museum system, Maidu Museum and the Coloma State Park (Gold Discovery Park) and various historical and civic groups, which included demonstrations and lectures on Maidu culture.

Recently she has been involved with the Federal Regulatory Commission re-licensing process for Pacific Gas & Electric, Nevada Irrigation District and Placer County Water Agency as a representative for the Nisenan Maidu in the service area. Along with other community folks they have developed Historical Properties and Native American Traditional Cultural properties guidelines which will assist the agencies in any sensitive areas, historical as well as aboriginal history and pre-historical issues.

Her brother, Alan Wallace, and she have been working with Sierra Native Alliance teaching the Nisenan Maidu language to interested people (youth as well). They have also been compiling family history and documenting culturally sensitive sites in their traditional homelands (Maidu & Washoe). She feels that it is her purpose and duty as a Nisenan Maidu to keep their lifeways, knowledge and language alive and to encourage others to remember who they are and help them to broaden their knowledge and take pride in their aboriginal heritage. It is also important to educate others of their rich culture and make aware that there are still Native peoples who still practice and live their culture.

For more information on the Society, its Study Group, Family TreeMaker User Group and regular meeting activity, see the Society's Web page or call toll free at 1-866-894-2076.

See you there!

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