Friday, June 29, 2012

Follow Friday.... Preserves is Out- NEW Board Members Installed

My Root Cellar "PRESERVES" publication arrived yesterday. I read it from cover to cover. Ron, great job again.  Again alot of interesting articles.  You will also find in this months issue several family recipes from various members.....  the Cooky-jar Sugar Cookies (and I agree it is the story around these cookies that is extremely interesting) from Elizabeth Parkin and another one is a Hertiage Recipe 'Mama Ruth's Chocolate Cake' from Sammie Hudgens.

I also enjoyed reading Bobbie Rowland's article on POSTERITY, The Musing of a Genealogist. Very good.

This issue also announces the New Board of Officers for 2012-2013 that take over July 1, 2012. Congratualtions and Good Luck...... We thanked the out going board and tried to install the new officers..... I say TRIED because only a couple of them were present. These absences didn't stop Marilyn Ulbricht, Part President and head of the Nominating Committee. She said if they are not hear it won't matter I have it covered, and covered she did.........  Thank You Marilyn.

This is showing the society doesn't work till all the pieces are in place and are around the membership.  Super idea.

As you can see Marilyn did make sure that everyone was there for the installation (yellow smiley face with missing board members name printed on smile) if only in spirit. Great job Marilyn.

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