Friday, June 8, 2012

Riding the Rails to the Jamboree in Burbank

Thursday was a travel day for me. I caught the Amtrak Train in Sacramento early this morning. The train is clean and roomy. I missed the 6am call for check in baggage so I struggled with two rollers and a large purse. Luckily you can store the larger roller as you get on, the problem is it is all up to you. Finally got it on board and stowed away.  Put my small roller with computer overhead, got a chair with a table and settled in. It was a smooth ride down, stopping about 7 times to let more travelers on and some got off. The Food Car was a car away so I made a dash up for some hot chocolate. I arrived in the thriving metropolis of Burbank about 2:30p, checked in to the Burbank Marriott Hotel, unpacked, found ice and then to the lobby to see who is here already.

Kim vonAspern Parker, my roomy,

is already here and participating in the Kid's Family History Camp. They had around 40 young people ranging in age from 8 to 15. Majority of them were from a local Boy Scout Troop. As they checked in each participant received a goodie bag including different types of genealogy related search for word games. There was a fun active Bingo Ice Breaker game at the beginning - looking for thigs like someine with a size 13 shoe, someone born in Montana, someone weating blue & green etc. They were treated to several lectures and some hands-on activities. As you may or may not be aware the Boy Scouts do have a genealogy badge and alot of the activities helped each of them to complete that badge. I believe the Girl Scouts have a similar badge to earn. Great Job  Kim and all the other staff and youth.

Lots of activity in the lobby earlier today ......... Stephen Morse, Megan Smolenyak-Smolenyak, Lisa Louise Cook, Drew Smith, George Morgan, Thomas MacEntee and so many more faces I recognize but cannot put a name too. Jamboree maybe the meca for bloggers. Fun times.

The weather is in the mid -80's. Very nice. Walked past the pool and outside sitting area and it sure feels inviting. Again, I did not bring my bathing suit. Maybe it's better, don't want to frighten people.

Early check-in for Jamboree tonight (6-9pm) I LOVE LOVE getting my packets earlier than an hour or half hour before the conference begins, You really get to go over all the information in the packet, separate papers out, sign up for give aways, get familiar with the layout, especially where the sessions are that I will be attending. I think it really helps to make the conference a good one, with little misunderstandings or upsets. Again they were very organized and the lines went quickly. Thank you Paula and committee.

Gotta go now, study my packet, check out the syllabus, look over all the goodies, get organized for the first day tomorrow......... nite all.

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