Saturday, June 23, 2012

GenDetective - does it work or NOT!!

As I said a couple of weeks ago in Burbank, I didn't know what to expect when I choose this session at the So CA Jamboree called "GenDetective" but the session turned out to be very interesting. So interesting in fact that I went into the exhibit hall later on and purchased the software GenDetective. I know, I know, just what I need is another piece of software but I am willing to try it  and see if I can get a little more organized and be more organized with my research…….  this is what the software suggests.

Promotional Info states: GenDetective is suppose to tell you what you DON’T KNOW and what you need to FIND. You install the software on your computer, then you create a GEDCOM of your genealogy software program – Legacy for me. Import the GEDCOM into Gen-Detective. You are able to create research itineraries, take your reports with you via paper or iPhone, iPad, Droids and tablets, eReaders. You can create an ancestors research guide, create census reports, military reports, cemetery research itineraries, and I imagine much more. I am looking at the flyer from GenDetective and they say you can create reports of all types, Examples: What farms should I look for in the 1920 Farm Schedules?, Who in my family tree is missing census records? What relatives could have served in the French & Indian War or War of 1812 or any other war?, If I record Cause of Death, how can I see what diseases run in a family line?  Why do I have to spend days or weeks organizing my data for a genealogy research trip?, GenDetective can organize your trip data in minutes.

WOW! you say, well that is what I said too WOW!!

Ok I installed the software, have completed my GEDCOM and imported it into Gen-Detective. (however I have work to do in my Legacy program and then I think some of the information will be clearer and the reports will be a more accurate. I have good information in my program I just haven't sourced alot of it so that is what I am working on now.)

GenDetective does take a short learning curve but not too bad. I have only begun sifting through all it can do, but so far it does work and is looking gooooood.

If you want more information check out GenDetective -   

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