Monday, May 28, 2012

Military Monday: Service of Hibsch Men and More

As the nation remembers those who died in service to our country, it made me think of the many veterans in my family.  Not pictured here but remembered are my American Revolution patriot, Thomas Cresap; Civil War veteran and my great-great-grandfather Thomas Brown; and two brothers who served during the Vietnam War and the Gulf War, respectively.

Herman A. Hibsch (1878 - 1939)
Spanish American War 1898-1899
U.S. Calvary, 4th Regiment, Company M
(my great-great uncle)

Alba W. Hibsch (1896 - 1959)
(standing second from right)
World War I, U.S. Army
(my grandfather)


Pfc. Robert M. Hibsch
(1923 -  )
World War II, U.S. Army
1943 - 1946
417th Military Police Escort Guard Co.
(my father)
Submitted and posted by Denise Hibsch Richmond

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