Thursday, March 14, 2013

Funny Friday - Babies Swap Tot Sister for Yellow Cat. YIKES!!

Newspaper Article Title Reads: Special to the Post Standard 1909

"Cortland Babies Swap Tot Sister For Yellow Cat"

Mother Finds Little Trader Caring Well for his Adopted Sister........ Cortland, NY Aug 7
.......... an amusing story of a 'swap' between juveniles of a neighboring village is told here. Two brothers, 4 & 6 years of age, traded their baby sister to another 6 year old boy for the latter's yellow cat.
The deal had been discussed for several weeks between the three lads. Yesterday the brothers were detailed to enterain the baby sister by wheeling her in the baby carriage. The time for perfecting the negotiations seemed ripe, and the baby and carriage were left with the former owner of the cat. The two marched home in triumph with their new yellow acquistion. A hurry trip on the part of he mother of the baby was made to the other end of  the village, where the little boy 'owner' was found giving his adopted baby sister the best of care. The foster brother argued that the birthday of the baby and his own were identical and that established his right of ownership.

[Mable BRISTOL LITTLE - mother of the baby  
Gladys LITTLE - baby that was traded  
Kenneth & Harold LITTLE - (actually 2 & 6 NOT 4 & 6) traded their baby sister  
Percy HILES- (10yr old NOT 6) boy who  owned the yellow cat] - not related

Just a funny story with relatives that I actually know, have interacted with & love very much.They are all First Cousins.  Unfortunately, all have passed on now.

Posted for your amusement by Sandra Gardner Benward

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