Sunday, March 10, 2013

Monday Mobile - Families App for Legacy Software

I wrote about this "Families App" for my iPhone and iPad several months ago. I am able to use my PC based Legacy Genealogy Software on my iPad/iPhone. I have been using it whenever I have been researching and need to look something up. It has been wonderful to have this information at my finger tips....  instead of having to wait till I get home or to my laptop to look it up.

They say that it is simple to update the app from your computer through iTunes and it is simple.Thank goodness. You would find the app at the App Store. Go to the Families website to d/l an auxilliary Families Sync program that will help to transfer your data from your computer to the App on your iPhone/iPad.

Since I am traveling next week to the mecca for all research - Salt Lake City - I am in the process of updating my program, entering new data, cleaning up files, and really updating my timelines. Then I will update my app on my iPhone/iPad.

Isn't techonology wonderful? Sometimes! But I am trying very hard to embrace it.

I wonder what else is out there that will help us further our research and make our lives so much easier.!!  I am looking for suggestions.

posted by Sandra Gardner Benward

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