Friday, March 15, 2013

Saturday Society - pre-Root Cellar Spring Seminar

Saturday is finally the day for Root Cellar's 2013 Spring Seminar with speaker Thomas MacEntee. With all the final tasks being done we are ready for 200+ participants. The baskets are complete and are being put in their places this afternoon. Our vendor's are unloading and getting set up also.

We will be ready for all of you in the morning with registration packets, breakfast goodies, table with free information, vendors ready to service you, 16 huge wonderful gift baskets for the raffle awaits you, and Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society ready to show and shine.

Thomas MacEntee flew in from Chicago, IL Thursday afternoon and was met at the airport by Speaker Transport crew "Denise & Scott Richmond" They had dinner and Thomas checked into the hotel.

Timing is everything.........  our regular General Meeting was Thursday evening also and Thomas and transport arrived just in time for all the pre-meeting activities. Of course we are trying something new this month........... 2 Roundtable Discussions. I was thrilled to have Thomas  sit at my table and interact with the members about Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan. The other table was discussing Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. Just a half hour of discussion but everyone seemed to enjoy it and want more. So we will try it again in April.

Thomas and Judy Nissila are reunited... turns out that they are cousins. ahhhhh!!!

Our main speaker for the evening was Cheryl Crockett presenting "The Slade Phenomenom". Her presentation was really well planned and organized.

Friday really was a busy day for Thomas and his transport crew. They showed up about 9am at the Center for Sacramento History where our transcribing group led by Marilyn Ulbricht meets each Friday AM. It was a small group today but still we were hard at work.........  Marilyn Ulbricht, Sandi Benward, Lois Shumaker, Sammi Hudgens and of course Patricia Johnson, Senior Archivist & Volunteer Coordinator from the center. Thomas was able to see what we do, & what we have done and then take a tour of the Center- vault and all. I think he was impressed.

At noon the Tech Committee, Ron Setzer, Denise Richmond (transport crew) and Sandra Benward meet with Thomas over lunch (lots of pizza - what else is there!). Lots of questions and more than we expected in answers. It was a great discussion, with lots of super ideas for the society.

After lunch and discussions, Thomas was driven over to the church so he can check out the room, the sound system and internet connection. All around him were set up people and Root Cellar volunteers tranforming the room. Alot of action at the delivery entrance, all those 16 gift baskets for the raffle were arriving. Wow, you are going to be surprised when you see them........  amazing. What a logistics problem, getting each of those huge baskets to the Church AND IN ONE PIECE TOO and they did it. Lots of van's and trucks. Thank you to everyone that helped in that effort. Vendors were also arriving and setting up. It is going to be a fun day Saturday.

....and of course the Techie corner and asking 'what did we forget?'

Tonight, Friday, Diane Maltase, invited all the board members and seminar committee volunteers - for a special 'Sweet & Greet" Gathering at her home. Everyone brought sweets to share. It was an opportunity to have a one on one discussion with Thomas (well, maybe 7-10 to 1 is more accurate). Great idea.

To bed, & up early - getting ready to greet all the participants for the day.

Big thanks to Diane Maltase and Denise Miller,co-chairs and to the many volunteers that helped.


                                                 See you at the Spring Seminar!

posted for your enjoyment by Sandra Gardner Benward

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