Monday, January 13, 2014

Motivation Monday - Sutro Library

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Calling all Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society members, other society members and any interested family researchers in the Sacramento Valley area,  this is a special opportunity to do some family research at the Sutro Library in San Francisco. Take a day bus trip sponsored by Genealogical Association of Sacramento (GAS). Come one, come all. How relaxing will this be!  going down to San Francisco's famous Sutro Library and coming back - all by a relaxing bus - let someone else do the driving- oh yes, I can see the wisdom there.  (This will be my fourth (or more) time going, it is well worth it, price is right, ride in comfort, relax, sleep, talk with others of like mind and just enjoy the day.)

WHEN: March 26, 2014 - Wednesday
WHERE: Sutro Library on the campus of the University of San Francisco
COST: $40.00 - make check out to Genealogical Association of Sacramento or GAS
        include your name, address, phone number and email address. AND where to pick you up. (Bus 
        stops located below)
MAIL your check to Melanie Howard, 7345 Pritchard Rd, Sacramento, CA 95828  

Our pick up sites are:
1) Massie Circle in the south area by Stockton Blvd and Mack Rd (6:45-7 am)
2) Arden Way and Point West Rd in front of the Double Tree Hotel (parking on the east side of Point West Road) time between 7:15-7:30am
3) Pick up at Park and Ride in West Sacramento by the Enterprise off-ramp about 7:45-8am
4) Last pick up is at Mace Blvd "Park & Ride" in Davis between 8-8:15am

This trip is an all day adventure. The bus takes us to the campus of the University of San Francisco and drops us off about a block from the library. If you need a golf cart please let Melanie know and she MAY be able to arrange something from the campus.

We arrive in San Francisco about 9:45am. The library opens at 10am. We stay at the library until 4:45pm and then make our way back to the bus pick up site (a block away)

We usually arrive in Sacramento about 7pm dropping off participants in a reverse order - Davis, West Sacramento, Arden and then Massie.

If you have any questions please contact Melanie Howard 916-383-1221 or
Let's do it, let's go together.  Invite another friend to go with you. You do need to let Melanie know very soon so she can keep a running tally. If not enough people sign up there will not be a bus trip. That would be very sad.

Sutro Library Collections - get ahead of the game and be more prepared. Check out the catelog and start your list of what books you want to look through, what films you want to go through. Be prepared (sounds alot like my scouting days - I guess some good things rubbed off on me)

If you have not been and a reminder to those that have been: You can take in very little into the library proper. Limted lockers are available just outside the entrance so be prepared to buddy up. This is where your ahead of time preparation will help you........ have your notepad, pencil, and research notes ready to go in with you. See the link above for Sutro Library catalog. Do your searches now.
I know as the time gets closer Melanie will be sending out her list of 'do's and don'ts' & 'what is available on campus for lunch or late snacks' and anything else of importance to make our trip more enjoyable.

See you on the bus.

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