Monday, January 27, 2014

Motivation Monday - Where WIll You Be During ROOTSTECH 2014?

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Almost Time for RootsTech 2014 -

Are you going?

Have you registered?

Are you ready to go?

Have you exhausted all that you can in the Family History Library Catalog? Don't want to waste your time in the library going through the catalog. Do it now.

Only a few days left before those doors open.

Have you looked over the schedule and picked some sessions, and some alternates? Yes alternates, classes fill up real quick.Lots of extra events going on?  

Are you signed up for any thing else? Maybe late night at the library Friday evening- yes you need to sign up for that.

What electronics are you going to be taking with you to help you in your classes or at the library? After all it is RootsTech......  time to update yourself in the technology area. Did you know that there is again a Mobile APP (rootstech14) for the conference? YES! Make your life so much easier, install the app and fill in your schedule. Acess it whenever and wherever you are.

Have you checked out the vendors at the Expo Hall at the conference? See what they have ahead of time and make your wish list accordingly.

You say you are NOT going! Too bad! I will miss seeing you, BUT you can still participate, still learn - even from home. Did you know that there are over 13 free videos still available to watch on your computer from home that are from the 2013 RootsTech Conference. Get a head start now - 2013 RootsTech Videos Be sure to take advantage of every free learning opportunity. It can only help.

1.    2013 Opening Thursday Keynote - Dennis Brimhall, Syd Lieberman & Josh Taylor

2.    First Steps in Famly History - Jeannette Bennett

3.    The Future of Genealogy - a panel discussion with Thomas MacEntee, Lisa Louise Cooke, Dick

Eastman, Alan Philips, Dear MYRTLE, Josh Taylor, Daniel Horowitz

4.    Tell It Again - Kim Weitkamp

5.    10 Fun Family History Activities - Benjamin Bennett, Holly Linford

6.    The Genealogist’s Gadget Bag: International Panel - Jill Ball, Marie Dougan, A.C. Ivory, Heather Rojo

7.    Finding the Obscure and the Ellusive: Geographic Information on the Web - James L. Tanner

8.    2013 Friday Keynote - Jyl Pattee and Tim Sullivan

9.    Researching Ancestors Online for Beginners - Laura G. Prescott

10.    FamilySearch Family Tree -  Ron Tanner

11.    Google Search… And Beyond - David Barney

12.    From Paper Piles to Digital Files: Technology for the Organized Genealogist - Valerie S. Elkins

13.    Using Technology Effectively to Solve Research Problems - Karen Clifford

14.    Finding Spanish records from your couch-Encuentra registros Españoles desde tu sofá -Sonia Meza

15.    Ditigal Storytelling: More Than Bullet Points Lab - Denise Barrett Olson

So here is our first livestream from 2014 RootsTech with Jim Radar. He has already posted his presentation that will be livestreamed 6 Feb 2014 (Thursday) 2:30 PM (1:30 PT)- Hall E Introduction to DNA for Genealogists - GS1170 - Mark your calendar. There will be other offerings.


HEY ARE YOU GOING? LET ME KNOW THROUGH THE COMMENT LINK BELOW. Maybe we can meet up before or during the conference. I'd love to talk to you about the  classes you will be or are taking? and How do you like the conference, library and anything else?

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