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Travel Tuesday - Ammon ?

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Sharon SWAIN brought a wonderful picture of a family home in Idaho built in 1893.

Isn't it fun to see all the different homesteads. How the looks have changed! ...and how they have not changed. It all depends on where you are in the world.  

Sharon brought the picture in her family binder and this family book to share with the other guests and members at the February 2014 Show & Tell Meeting for Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society

      Hostess Glenda Gardner LLOYD and Sharon SWAIN at February 2014 Show & Tell

This is a wonderful family book (you can read the entire book online) with lots of pictures of not just people but of the conditions of the day going generation by generation ........  including Sharon's ancestry home - the 'three story stone house' in Ammon, Idaho

A history of Orson Booker and Mary Elizabeth Owen Calkins, their children and grandchildren and many of their ancestors
compiled by Carolyn Calkins

Published  by C. Calkins in Lehi, Utah .
Written in English.

..........exert from the book
William OWEN Stone House page 362
William Franklin OWEN Sr built the house in 1893 for his family. While living there the last four of their twelve children were born. It was the first house in the area to have a shingled roof rather than the customary dirt roof. When the well house was build in 1897 it was probably the first house in the area to have running water and an indoor bathroom. It worked by an ingenious system of a windmill pumping the water up to a second story tank. Gravity feed allowed the water to be piped into the house and even deliver water to a tank by the kitchen stove for heating before using. The date stone which was originally the lintel over the well house door was moved beside the back steps of the house when the well house was demolished. 

The Big Stone House on the corner of Ammon-Lincoln and Sunnyvale has been a geographical and social landmark to the people of Ammon for many years. Cattle and sheep together? Check out the water tank and windmill

Wonderful pictures of William Franklin OWEN and his wife Lucinda Elizabeth RAWSON and their three story rock home. This looks like it could be during the winter months.

.......and here is a current day  picture of the 'stone house' The water tank and windmill have been torn down. Alot of the of property has been sold off during the years and new homes built on the sold off property's.  

Where is Ammon? (taken from Wikipedia)  Ammon is a city in Bonneville County, Idaho, United States.  It is a little over 7 square miles, located along the south east border of Idaho bordering the state of Wyoming. .Ammon was founded by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1888. It was originally called South Iona because it was the dependent branch in the south end of the Iona, Idaho ward. The area was made a ward in the church in 1889 with Arthur M. Rawson [Lucinda's father] as bishop, who renamed the town in honor of Ammon, a figure in the LDS book of scripture, the Book of Mormon. Since it was now independent of the Iona Ward, a new name seemed appropriate. On February 9, 1893, the name of the town was changed from South Iona Ward to Ammon.

MEET THE FAMILY .................. William Franklin Owen b:1854 son of James OWEN and Sariah RAWSON 
married (1877) 
Lucinda Elizabeth RAWSON b:1860 daughter of Arthur Morrison RAWSON and Margaret Angeline PACE

their children................. 
Mary Elizabeth b: 1877 married 1896  Orson Booker CALKINS (& so the book begins)
William Franklin Jr b: 1879
James Arthur b: 1881
Heber John b: 1883
Daniel Bert b: 1886
Margaret Sariah b: 1888
Joseph Leroy b: 1890
Horace Edward b: 1892
Lenora b:1894
Lucinda Ellen b: 1887
Eugene b: 1903
Loren (or Jack) b: 1905

.......and now meet most of the family in this wonderful family photo 
(no year but has to be at least 1903/04 because Eugene is included & he was born in 1903)

left to right 
back row: (Heber)John, (James)Arthur, (Daniel)Bert, Margaret
middle row: (Joseph Leroy)Roy, William F (father), Horace, Lucinda E (mother)
front row: Lucinda, (Lenora)Nora, Eugene
Missing: Mary Elizabeth, William Franklin & Loren (or Jack)

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