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Tuesday's Tip --- April Fools Day

Editor's note: Today's post was edited by Sandra Gardner-Benward  - Pictures & Captions from the Wikipedia

HAPPY April Fools Day - April 1

Why celebrate a day of  foolishness? 

  Why not! (if not harmful) 

An "April Fools' Day" hoax marking the construction of the Copenhagen Metro in 2001

An April Fools' Day prank with a purported new design of an (alleged) city bus, from an April 1926 issue of the company newspaper "Echo Continental", published by the Continental Rubber Works Hannover AG company [I love this bus, wouldn't it be a fun ride -without wind]

In 1957, the BBC pulled a prank, known as the Swiss Spaghetti Harvest prank, where they broadcast a fake video of Swiss farmers picking freshly-grown spaghetti. The BBC were later flooded with requests to purchase a spaghetti plant, forcing them to declare the video as a prank on the news the next day.[woman harvesting spaghetti in the BBC programme]

In Scotland, April Fools' Day is traditionally called Hunt-the-Gowk Day ("gowk" is Scots for a cuckoo or a foolish person), although this name has fallen into disuse. The traditional prank is to ask someone to deliver a sealed message requesting help of some sort. In fact, the message reads "Dinna laugh, dinna smile. Hunt the gowk another mile". The recipient, upon reading it, will explain he can only help if he first contacts another person, and sends the victim to this person with an identical message, with the same result.

.....................a little more information, background on April Fools Day and  history on April Fools Day

                                Have a Fun SAFE Day
       put a smile on someones face

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