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Wordless Wednesday - Root Cellar SGS Spring Seminar 2014 in photos

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward- pictures taken by Sandi. 

Annual Spring Seminar 
April 5, 2014

                                      ........we hope that you enjoy the seminar through out pictures.........

April 5, 2014, 8:15am pst - ready to open the doors and start this Spring Seminar Day 
with Geoff Rasmussen. We are ready! What a great view of the room in panorama - thanks Rick.

Outside of those doors are the hard working registration volunteers checking everyone in, handing out their packets and answering questions......... (Elva Christian, Glenda Lloyd and Mary Anne Smith)

Adjusting the mic and getting the electronics in working order for the day ahead.........  Chuck, John , Geoff and Glenda

Carolee Jones and Nancy Fiorini holding down the Root Cellar SGS table - greeting people and answering questions.

Another vendor, Cox Black & White Lab .......... help with your photos in many different ways

Our book vendor was new to us this year but a good fit.....  Janaway Publishing Inc.- with lots of room for large round tables to be set up with many choices in books.

AND it would not be complete without a FREEBIE table and as you can see it is FULL.....  I think we might have a second table next year. It is full with lots of great items, not much left at the end of the day. 

Refreshment area...... goodies were put out at the beginning of the day, and in the afternoon after lunch. Lunches were served from this area also - over 200 people were served in less than 10 minutes. Fran Marlow headed up this effort and did a wonderful job. (along with her committee)

We also had time at lunch and one of the afternoon breaks for a book signing with Geoff..........  "Legacy 8 Family Tree" and "Legacy Family Tree- Unlocked".......... they both are worth owning and using if you use Legacy Software.

Our Seminar was treated to something very special this year. Geoff picked one of the afternoon sessions to do a live streaming webinar.  Geoff makes it look effortless. He strapped on his earphones and microphone, opened up GoToMeeting and we were off and running for a complete hour.  Geoff showed us the screen that he as the administrator looked at which was a little different than what we as a participant look at. There were well over 500 people logged on and they were from all over the world...... The session he did was "Googling Around Google and Other Fun Technology" Anyone then was able to view it on Legacy Webinar Website for Free for about a week and now it is in the archives to view $. Big thanks to Geoff for this experience and for making the whole day even more special.

AH!! The Raffle Ticket Table with Billie Helms taking charge. Happy people!! Next step- putting half your ticket into what every basket you would like to win.........  16 choices-16 totally different, totally full to the brim and overflowing out onto the table of baskets........... Only takes one ticket to win- theoretically!!

.........and here is Marilyn Ulbricht with her portable raffle sales table. She has pre-cut tickets........ ready to sell. She wanders the floor selling her tickets. She really does a great job.

ALL 16 baskets went to good homes......... (but not to mine this year - darn!!) Below is just a sampling.

    Mark your calendars for Saturday 21 March 2015 for 
Root Cellar SGS annual Spring Seminar. 

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