Friday, November 21, 2014

Follow Friday - Inspiration from the Sacramento Family History Center

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Sacramento FamilySearch Library Seminar 2014

Motivation, Inspiration and learning comes from many different places ..............  this time from a day spent at the Family History Center in Sacramento - their annual genealogy seminar.

November 8 Saturday turned out to be a wonderful day in mid fall........ warm, comfortable, no rain or wind. 

The keynote speaker Ron Tanner, Production Manager of, gave an excellent talk...........      He was outrageous, funny, loud he made sense, and he made us all laugh. He showed a video that was specially put together about genealogy and done to the music of  [darned if I can remember the name of the song] It was very clever and so funny and hit home. [I would love to get a copy for a Root Cellar SGS meeting night]. He gave a great history of THE LIBRARY and showed a video about the vault in the mountain, the building of the vault, and upkeep. There are 6 archival chambers, always kept at 55 degrees year round, 33% of the vault is digitized, 3.5 million images/rolls converting to digital. 3% images are done, 3 billion search able names, Help Center Very interesting. Also discussed the Family Tree online and memories and where that is all going..........  Ron thinks that there should only be one tree on Family Tree and then each person comes in and adds their information plus ancestors. Changes can be made by anyone but with sources listed & contact information.Interesting concept and one I like to a point.

                                                                   WHY ATTEND?
 26 classes offered and about 20 different speakers  
 Pre-order a box lunch.  
 FREE (except lunch)........  
Download the entire syllabus, read through the classes, pick the ones you wanted to take, print out only the classes you were going to attend - being very prepared  
Attending all the classes you could not take :  the same classes are being offered at a later date in November, December and part of January.  You need to check the website for the classes being offered
Excellent conference for beginners..... get their feet wet, learn and not drown in all the classes offered
  Family History Library open for the day
Good map of church buildings and where classes were held
Good signage in the church hallways
Excellent map of area with restaurants/ fast food places  marked clearly
                                       What a great idea!! .  .  Thank You from the community.

I attended the following classes:
Facebook for Genealogists- Advanced with Marna Ambroselli
Solving the Most Common Family History Mysteries Online with Jim Baker
Finding Cousins to Add to Your Crew with Tim Fewkes
Find My Past with Maurine Nuttall

I have checked the list of classes being given again and find that there are 12 that I would like to attend over the next couple of months. The benefits from this seminar keep growing and giving. 

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