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Tuesday's Tip - FGS 2015 Several Reasons I Attend

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Two Conferences One Location -  Federation of Genealogical Societies and RootsTech 2015 Conferences

This certainly is not my first conference or my first FGS Conference. I don't remember my first FGS Conference- but I am sure that it was overwhelming all the way around. It just seems I have been attending for more years than I want to admit. I can see a need for a mentoring program between FGS and attendees. Not to be with you so much at the conference but before the conference begins........  what a conference is like, what to expect, what to bring and what maybe overkill. This could be an email relationship between attendees. They could meet sometime during conference for questions and reassurances and just to see how it is going.

Being an active involved concerned member of Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society, I, along with other members, are always looking for help and support for our society. How do we recruit new members? How do we recruit younger members? Paper or Online Publications? Website? Blog? Facebook? Fundraising? How do we find volunteers? Retaining members? Technology moves forward but our skills do not move as quickly forward, how do we keep up? and the questions go on and on.............  where to find help?

This is one reason that I started attending the FGS conferences in the past.  Society Day is a welcome opportunity for those who are actively involved in a society. Society Day is held on Wednesday before the Conference begins. Anyone interested in helping their society is very welcome. It is great because a lot of the sessions have an open forum and the attendees are able to ask their questions and get answers from others that are concerned about the societies. You don't know what a relief it is to know that a lot of the organizations have the same questions, concerns, problems........... With thirty sessions, on varying topics like technology, publications, event coordination, recruitment and retention and management principles, there will be plenty of success stories and innovative solutions to ongoing challenges shared among the attendees. This is one of my favorite days at FGS Conferences.

Another part of the FGS Conference I value is the Social Media part.......  it is even more important to me since I have started blogging several years ago now. Important because there is a Social media room for only bloggers/ media types to meet in and write up their thoughts or put together a blog post. We talk, see what they have seen and done, and visa versa. We give each other ideas, and share with each other. It really gives me a sense of belonging and the confidence to put together another group of posts for you. The blogging community is a growing group with a large diversity and the willingness to support new bloggers.

2013 FGS Conference Fort Wayne, Indiana 
...... home of the Allen County Library with a fabulous Genealogy Department
Society Day with Curt 

                                                                    2013 FGS Conference - Delegate Gathering

 2013 FGS Conference- Society Showcase- California Genealogical Society


2013 FGS Conference - Society Showcase - Southern California Genealogical Society

2013 FGS Conference - Party Time 

2014 FGS Conference in San Antonio Texas -
                                        Society Showcase 

   2014 FGS Conference -  Party Time - lots of food and dancing

                                                                    2014 FGS Conference - Relax and take a ride on the water

      Each FGS Conference is completely different but the same. 

   As you can see, FGS Conferences travel around the country.
2012 Birmingham, Alabama
2011 Springfield, Illinois
2010 Knoxville, Tennessee
2009 Little Rock, Arkansas
2008 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2007 Fort Wayne, Indiana
2006 Boston, Massachusetts
2005 Salt Lake City, Utah
2004 Austin, Texas
2003 Orlando Florida
2002 Ontario, California
2001 Davenport, Iowas
2000 Salt Lake City, Utah

1979 Omaha, Nebraska

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