Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Archives Crawl in Pictures

Editor's note: Today's post was written by  Sandra Gardner Benward - pictures submitted by Marilyn Ulbricht -thanks!

                          Archives Crawl write up.......... see Society Saturday November 8, 2014

                                        Enjoy the day in pictures...........................

Thanks to Marilyn who tried to take pictures of all that she was seeing all day long. We all appreciate it. So now we follow Marilyn, Chris and Charlene around for the day........... 
                                                  Archives of Congregational Bnai Israel

                                                                   ARMA International

                                                                    California State Parks

                                                                             Cox Black and White Lab

                                                         El Dorado County Historical Museum - Research Room

                                                             El Dorado County Historical Museum - Textile Showcase

                                                          El Dorado County Historical Museum Textile Showcase

                                                  Sacramento River Delta Historical Society

                                              Sacramento River Delta Historical Society

                               Secretary of State - California   Register to Vote and then VOTE

                                                      Center for Sacramento History

                                                         Society of California Archivists

                                                                    State Indian Museum

 Sutter Fort State Historical Society
                                                                 Yolo County Archives

                                                        California State Capitol Museum

California State Library - Rare Books Room with Charlene

California State Library

California State Library

 Sacramento Public Library- Central Library - Roseville Genealogical Society

California State Archives .....

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