Thursday, November 27, 2014

Those Place Thursday - Thanksgiving Day

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward


Do you have any family traditions for Thanksgiving? What are Your Family Traditions?

This is quite possibly my favorite holiday. There is no pressure, except the cooking of the dinner. Lots of relaxing with family and friends. Just catching up with life.

Do you have certain things that you do for the day .......  or before the day?
Who sits at your table?
What are your special foods you serve?
Who helps you? Who just plays around? 
Are you cooking the dinner at your home? Or you cook part of it and others bring the rest of the dinner? Or do you go to someone else's home? OR do you go out to dinner at a restaurant.

Do you stay home for the holiday or do you take off for somewhere else special .....?  

What is on your table? Do you have family recipes you only bring out on Thanksgiving?

Do you go to Senior Home, Church or a Soup Kitchen and spend your day helping the less fortunate?

 Do you share the cooking of pies with your children or grandchildren?
or special cupcakes?

                                                                   Or special Cookies?
OR making those yummy chocolates? 

 What type of activities do you do during the daytime or evening? Do you take off for the snow and skiing?

When my boys were younger (from junior high to about 30yr) they got together with friends and played football in our backyard. They had so much fun. I envied them for actually having life long friends that get together all year long for one reason or another but on Thanksgiving it is football. 
What about going to the movies or other activities? Do you rent movies and watch them at home with family and friends? 

Do you know the true story of Thanksgiving? 

Have you written your stories down about your Thanksgiving traditions? IF NOT, you need to do that soon. Don't let those stories be forgotten.

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