Thursday, November 10, 2011

Have your Family Tree with you on your iPhone

This year, I have a new phone with the latest features  - FINALLY!! Yes it is an iPhone 3. I love it.   

As I have sifted through the "App Store"on my iPhone I discovered has an app for the iPhone. I just learned that I can build my family tree, and carry it with me all the time - add items as they come along. It can be so handy while traveling and researching. My memory is not like it use to be and having the family information at my finger tips is such a bonus. I can browse through the names in my tree, search for a specific person, add information, record events or new family decendants or ancestors- all while on the go. As you know the iPhone and other phones take great pictures and now you can take photos of anything and upload them into your app family tree. As you travel, I will have my family tree with me.

But as you can tell I am still learning. I just wish the screen was a little bigger for these aging eyes but I will adjust (or buy an iPad)

I am sure there must be APP's for the other phones. Check it out.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad - Try it!

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  1. If you journey to beyond the edge of civilization where there are no cell phone towers (e.g., Downieville - capital of Sierra County, California), then you will need to take along a copy of your genealogy data.

    In regards to mobile devices, this can be done in two ways:

    1) Some genealogy databases have apps for mobile devices. For example, the Macintosh Reunion genealogy database has full-featured apps for the iPhone and iPad.

    2) You could also print family group data, etc., into a series of PDF files. Then transfer those PDFs to your mobile device. There are lots of PDF readers, many of which include annotation capabilities. The most popular one for the iPhone an iPad is GoodReader.


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