Friday, November 18, 2011

Thank Goodness for Archives!

The National Genealogical Society blog, UpFront with NGS, posted this article on 18 Nov 2011. Now this is information that's meant to be shared! 

Archives can be a great resource for genealogists and yet visiting/using one can be intimidating.  I remember that I was actually nervous the first few times that I visited some – they each have their own rules and one sometimes wasn’t always made to feel welcome.  Now that I have visited all kinds of archives, big and small, private and public, I know that if I do my homework about what the archive holds, how it operates, etc, I really enjoy and value the access that I gain to the records.  This does outweigh the few butterflies I still sometimes experience when I am planning a first visit (for me) to an archive. 

Given that, I think that you’ll find the following helpful …

Paula's Genealogical Eclectica* recently posted a piece titled Guide to using Archives where she talks about The Society of American Archivists and its helpful online guide Using Archives: A Guide to Effective Research which has many great tips for potential users.
Select entries from the Table of Contents

There is also a PDF version.

*This is the blog of Paul Stuart-Warren, CG TM 

In Sacramento, California, visit these fine repositories:
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