Monday, November 21, 2011

Mystery Monday - Need Help with Handwriting

I've stared at this word long enough.  Even my resident expert is stumped.  So I'm asking my geneablogger friends and their friends for help.

My ancestor Adam Clark was a Civil War veteran who lived the last 25 years of his life at the Old Soldier's Home in Sawtelle, California, now the site of the Los Angeles National.Cemetery in West Los Angeles.  Below is an excerpt from his military record.  The mystery word is in parentheses at the bottom of the record.  An enlargement of the mystery word is also below.

"How Disposed of  Shipped paid posts to Mahlon Clark ( ? ) 4/22/26"

Mahlon Clark was the brother of Adam Clark.  If you know what the word is or have a guess, please send it to, attention Denise Richmond.  Thank you!

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Submitted and posted by Denise Hibsch Richmond


  1. My initial thought at first glance was "broker" then after looking at it, I wonder if it's "brother"

    Seems like either could make sense here. Good luck!

  2. Elizabeth and Ron, thank you for your eagle eyes. Both of you suggested "brother". I can see that now. It certainly fits the context.
    --Denise H. Richmond


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