Monday, April 9, 2012

Mobile Monday – FamilySearch goes mobile!

This information was taken from the website. I have downloaded this app for my iPad, but have yet to use it. I have been too busy indexing on my desktop computer. Would love to post a review of this app, so try it and send Root Cellar your thoughts.

FamilySearch indexing now has a mobile application available in English that works with Apple iOS (which includes iPod, iPad and iPhone) and on many Android devices. The app displays image snippets from handwritten historical documents such as birth, marriage, and death certificates; census forms; and naturalization records. Each snippet contains a name, date, place-name, or other relevant information from the document. Simply transcribe (index) what is on the image, and the FamilySearch indexing system eventually adds the information to the collection of free genealogy records available at
Although the app is available, the program is still being tested. The images currently being used to test the program come partly from previously indexed projects and partly from projects that have not been previously indexed. All data is being used to improve the records available at
Note: Due to the diversity of mobile devices available, not all have been tested by FamilySearch. Users can send feedback on their experiences by contacting FamilySearch support. 

Getting Started
1. What are the minimum requirements?
  • The minimum requirements for iOS are: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. 
  • The minimum requirements for Android are: Requires Android 2.1 and up. 
  • The mobile indexing application is not compatible with BlackBerry or Windows Phone devices. 
2. How do I get started indexing?

The next simple steps help get new indexers started and ready to index: 
  • Install the application to the mobile device. 
  • Register for a FamilySearch Account or LDS Account – On the indexing website, or the sign in screen for the app, click Register or Register Here, and then fill out the required information. Individuals who already have a FamilySearch Account or LDS Account but have never indexed can download the app and sign in.
Index Batches
1. Learn - Learn about indexing by reviewing the Guide tab.
2. Index - After the application opens, complete the next steps to index an image:
  • Click the Indexing tab. An image downloads to the devise. 
  • Type requested information - Type the requested information into the field provided. 
  • Submit - When indexing is complete, the indexer clicks the Submit button. 
3. What time commitment does indexing require?
  • Indexing does not require a specific time commitment. An individual can index any time or place and for as long as his or her schedule permits. If interrupted, when the indexer returns, the indexing program remembers where he or she left off. An image usually takes a few moments to complete. If the indexer does not want to finish an image, he or she can click Skip and continue to the next image. 
4. Can I choose what records I want to index?
  • Yes. Indexers can choose to index records in English with varying levels of difficulty. 
5. Can I search the index I help create? 
  • Yes! In future versions of the app after indexing is completed, the images and/or data are going to be made available to search at
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