Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friends of Friends - Speical Visitors during Extraction Time

As most of our members know, our extraction committee, led by Marilyn Ulbricht (fearless & tireless), is always at the Center for Sacramento History (CSH) on Friday mornings- and this has been going on for many many years.  This past Friday we had a visit from Sacramento County District 1 Superintendent Phil Serna and Sacramento History Foundation Board Member Karen Pardieck. accompanied by Marcia Eymann, City Historian; Grieg Best, Executive Director; and Dylan McDonald, Deputy City Historian.

Marilyn gave a great accounting of  Root Cellar and our work at the CSH. The committee has indexed, transcribed, and extracted many many different projects, compiling the information into book form and having them distributed to library's and other society's all over the county.

Phil and Patricia asked alot of questions about the current and past projects we have done. Marilyn showed them several of the actual books we have completed and the ledgers and books that the informaiton originally came from. Patricia Johnson, Volunteer Coordinator  & Senior Archivist, was quick to point out that our books are being used by outside researcher as quickly as they are completed. Now doesn't that make all the work worth the effort. Great Job Marilyn and company!!

And somewhere in OHIO, Stark County, Alliance City I hope there is someone working just as much on their records so they will be available for me - OK and others too.

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