Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday - US GenWeb

I was doing some Google searches for an Ohio ancestor who married and (for what ever reason) migrated to Pasadena, California in the early 1900's.
One of my searches led me to a Tuscarawas County Genealogical Society (Ohio) website......... there was an extensive Marriage Index done by the Society.  This is a new county for me so I wasn't sure that this would be the same ancestor as I was searching for......  but it turns out that it is. I recognized the wife's name. (Branfield, John E  ………  Kline, Erma   vol 14 page 116) Where are these books? County? with the Society? with the library? Where? I searched the website and there was no email to respond too to ask questions or get help.......(they did have a local long distant telephone number and their address)  so I wrote down the informaiton that was in the index. I didn't want to wait a couple more days so  I clicked over to US Gen Web Website, drilled down through to the State of Ohio, (County Resources: Ohio Counties) and to the County of Tuscarawas.  I emailed  Peggy Ann (Tissot) Brown, the Tuscarawas Co. Coordinator, and gave her the information I had, told her this was a new county for me, and wasn't sure where would I go next? HELP! Just needed a little guidance. She emailed me  back and said she would be going to the Genealogical Library that week and would make a copy of the marriage license for me..........WHOOOOOPEY!!! Yes I was excited. I mailed her a check and she mailed me the marriage license........  One more step closer - .isn't life just wonderful!! 

Add US GenWeb website to your list of resources............ 

Good Luck in your research.


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