Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day TWO at FGS Conference in Birmingham Alabama

Another great day at the conference. Up not as early but early enough, breakfast and off to the Special Presentation with Keynote Speaker Chris van der Kuyl, CEO, brightsolid Group. Presentation was "The Family History community: A global powerho use for collaboration". Very Impressed, Very good presentation........ he discussed and explored the opportunities for the global family history community to become the greatest collaborative online force in the world today. Chris is responsible for the overall corporate performance of brightsolid Group. As the CEO, he manages the executive team consisting of seven members, and reports to the Group Board. He was widely recognized as one of the UK's leading entrepreneurs and joined brightsolid Groups as CEO in 2007. Chris talked about himself, growing up, education, jobs etc...... he spoke about his time with brightsolid and all the companies owned by them.......; Genes Reunited; Scotlands People (they don't own but maintain & run the site); Ancestors on board;  Friend Reunited; and I am sure more. Brightsolid does have an office in the United States - Santa Monica, California, of course in the British Isles and Australia.

EXHIBIT HALL is OPEN - "76" exhibitors, what a great treat. The hall is large, very well lit, spacious and welcoming. Didn't have alot of time, so didn't get too far before I had to leave for the first session. I could see that there aare going to be alot of drawing for many great prizes. I need to get back. Friday night seems to be the night they have picked for extended hourse and big prize drawings. Looks like alot of conference deals too. Sorry.  BUT I do have a great deal for any of you to take advantage of. FindmyPast is offfering a Pioneer offer of $4.95 a month for subscription (usually $20.83 a month). You can sign up right on line. Yes, I have taken advantage of this offer. You can sign up for one month on up to 12 months. BUT the offer does end on September 9, 2012. So if you are interested you need to act now. They have plenty of records in UK, Ireland, Australasia and of course US and they are growing growing each day.

First session: "DNA Testing for Genealogy: The Basics" with Robert McLaren. Later in the day I took another session from Robert McLaren : Understanding Your DNA Test Results and What to do next" I did not get much out of either class, and I am sure it is just me. It just is not making any sense. And what to do next ? not sure!! I did understand that it is no value and waste of oney to get a Y-dna 12 or 24 marker test. Y-dna 37 marker test is better but he really recommends the 67marker test. It eliminates alot of the doubt and questions. He also made it clear that he really recommmends FamilyTree DNA above all others. I will keep trying to learn this stuff.

LUNCH: sponsored by National Genealogical Society with speaker Rec Dr David McDonald with the theme of Genealogy from the Homestead.  It was all about those silly objects that are around us while growing up and finding out what the stories are about it. Find out the story and wrtite it down for future generations.

Next Session: The Power of PDF: Tools for Every Genealogist with Josh Taylor..... what a ggreat session. Of course he is using and taliing about the full program from Adobe to create PDF's and what you can do with this documents or files. He also gave alternative programs to try. This was eye opening for me and exciting. I am looking forward to trying these things. I wonder if we are able to purchase Adobe through techsoup? Just a thought

LAST SESSION of this day: Write as you Go with Elissa Scalise Powell. I had  in my mind something different but I stayed and listened and learned. This concept is to write up your findings in research as you find it. There is a process that has 13 elements for the report. You need a written plan of your goal for your research..... proof summary vs proof arguments, narritive complilations for lineage, for pedigree, for genealogy. Research report. Including timelines, images, research log. Summarize, itemize findings, and bibliography. OK OK I am still digesting this whole concept.

So that is it for the day. Dinner and then......

Big party sponsored by FindmyPast earlier tonight, Lots of games, discussions and sharing of ideas.  Good to relax and talk to other people from around the country.

Night to all. Tomorrow will come soon enough. Alot more great classes all day tomorrow.

posted by Sandra Gardner Benward

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