Monday, August 27, 2012

Getting Ready for FGS Conference in Birmingham Alabama

Well I am running around with my head cut off (where in the world did that saying ever come from- the visualization is ugly!) ........  washing clothes, cleaning, getting suitcase back out, snack shopping (lots of chocolate), get necessary paperwork done and out before leaving, also working on September Geni-Gram, print out boarding pass, updating my genealogy software, packing and more packing...........   I do need my laptop because I will be blogging from the conference this week. YEA!!! I've got my iPhone, my iPad, chargers, batteries, extension cords, camera & paper tablets as backup. I need to take lots of pictures too. I have no connection to Birmingham or Alabama - too bad because it would be a great opportunity to research but NO I have no research there.

I am concerned about the weather for this week and tomorrow in particular. The hurricane seems to be going to the west more and unfortunately for New Orleans is headed straight for them somewhat by-passing Alabama......... well, somewhat because it is about 700 miles wide so I am sure Birmingham will feel some of it - probably more rain and wind. However, I will be flying out of Sacramento to Houston first (too close to New Orleans for my comfort) and then onto Birmingham. I just hope flights aren't delayed or worse - canceled!! So everyone starting sending positive thoughts.

There is a lot planned for this conference. I am especially looking forward to Wednesday and a full day of sessions that are directly related to society's and their members.........  I hope to take lots of notes and bring some good help and suggestions back with me. While attending So. CA Jamboree in Burbank a couple months back they had something very similar, so I am anxious to see if this is more and better information or are some of these the same sessions. I will only have to wait a couple of days to find out. So keep turned in.

Back to packing, eating dinner and to bed.......  up at "O dark hundred" 3am.............

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