Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Follow QuickLessons by Elizabeth Shown Mills

If sourcing and citing your research is a daunting task and one that is many times postponed, perhaps reading the "QuickLessons" on Elizabeth Shown Mills's website Evidence Explained would be worthwhile exploring. The website centers around her well–known work, Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace, Second Edition. It contains reviews, examples from the book, FAQs, a forum page for posing questions, and a store to purchase her book and QuickSheets, 4–page laminated "cheat sheets." The acknowledged "Queen of Citation" has posted several mini–lessons on how to deal with a variety of topics:
  • Analysis & Citation
  • Sources vs. Information vs. Evidence vs. Proof
  • Flawed Records
  • NARA Citations & Finding Aids
  • Analyzing Records
  • Mindmapping Records
  • Family Lore and Indian Princesses
  • What Constitutes Proof?
  • Census Instructions? Who Needs Instructions?
  • Original Records, Image Copies, and Derivatives
Visit the site and read one "QuickLesson" a day. You will appreciate Elizabeth Shown Mills's insights.

Posted by Ron Setzer

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