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Society Saturday: Lisa B. Lee to Speak in September

Lisa B. Lee
Welcome back Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society members and guests!  Hope you had a great Summer of successful family history finds.  Come to the our meetings and workshops to share your stories.  Root Cellar's new membership year begins in September and Program chairperson Carolee Jones has scheduled a wonderful line-up of speakers for the upcoming months.

On Wednesday, September 12, 2012, Lisa B. Lee will present How to Prepare a Genealogy Legacy for your Online Presence.  You've heard the saying that "anything you put on the internet will be there forever". Well, have you thought about the online presence you'd like to leave after you're gone? Whether it be a blog, family tree, Website, or YouTube video, tonight's program will help you consider what steps you need to take now to ensure that the stories you've left for the world to see will continue to be there for your descendants to find them. We'll discuss where & how to leave passwords, arranging for registration & renewal fees; writing your own obituary and how and where to post it. We cannot control when we're going to die, but we may be able to ensure that our legacy endures long after we're gone.

About the Speaker
Professional genealogist, Lisa B. Lee, is owner of, a Website designed to help genealogists make the most of their online searches. A graduate of the National Institute for Genealogical Studies (University of Toronto), she obtained her PLCGS with certificates in U.S., Canadian and Irish genealogy and methodology.  Since the inception of ExpertConnect, by in 2009, Ms. Lee was one of the original Experts, and conducted professional research for clients in the U.S. and Europe, until the demise of ExpertConnect in Early 2011. In addition to the Got Genealogy Gazette, dozens of her articles have been published in numerous genealogical journals and newsletters in North America.
Ms. Lee speaks and conducts workshops at genealogical societies and conferences in the U.S. and Canada where her animated style, infinite knowledge of everything internet, wit and perverted humor ensure that attendees will not only learn a lot but will have fun doing so.  All of her workshops feature a free raffle where attendees can win valuable prizes, and if you ask her a genealogical question she can’t answer, you’ll win an awesome reward.  Mind you, your question has to be pretty hard to stump her, especially since she’s memorized the internet by heart.  If genealogy isn’t fun, then why do it?  She invites you to join her on Facebook: She may be contacted at

Date: Wednesday, Sep 12, 2012Time: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Location: Citrus Heights Community Clubhouse 6921 Sylvan Road, Citrus Heights
Cost: Priceless - Free, guests welcome

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