Friday, December 28, 2012

2013, a Genealogy Learning Extravaganza!

Note to self: #1 top priority - mark 2013 calendar for genealogy classes, webinars, and more.  Let's get started...

Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society: programs, workshops and seminar.  First up, Thursday, January 10th, learn about using Wikis for your genealogy, a webinar presentation via CD by Thomas MacEntee with handouts.

January 2013 Genealogy Programs at the Sacramento Central Library:
Jamboree 2013 Extension Series by the Southern California Genealogical Society: free webinars

Illinois State Genealogical Society 2013 Webinar series: live webinars are free to nonmembers

2013 Legacy Family Tree Webinar Schedule: free webinars that benefit everyone whether or not you use this family tree software. The Root Cellar workshop is scheduled on some of the webinar dates. No problem, go to the workshop and listen to the archived webinars which are available free for about 10 days.

I encourage you to roam around the individual websites provided above because other content could be very useful in your genealogical research.   However, if you want even more than what's listed above, go to, a centralized calendar for webinars.

Happy New Year!
Happy Learning!
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