Monday, December 3, 2012

Mystery Monday - Vintage Food Processors?

These items were found tucked away in the back of my late mother-in-law's kitchen cupboard.  Calling on all 'knowers' of vintage cooking tools for the name of these tools, purpose and era?  Leave a comment on the blog or send it to  I'll post the responses in an update.  Thanks!

P.S.  Not being much of a cook myself, these precious items now have a second life with expert chef and baker, Nancy Fiorini.
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Submitted and posted by Denise H. Richmond


  1. The first one looks like a manual hand mixer with measuring bowl (also could be an egg beater too). Here are a whole bunch of similar styles

    1. Tara, thanks for visiting our blog and your comment and referral to pinterest. I didn't think of looking there! --Denise Richmond


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