Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Obituary's - Have you written your's yet?

As you may have already heard, Marge Smith, a long time active member of Root Cellar passed away. Marge was a past President of Root Cellar-SGS in 2007-2008 and responsible for starting our current workshop format. Marge passed away on November 23rd. Below is her obituary as seen in December 2, 2012, Sacramento Bee. Marge will be missed.
Margaret N. Smith

Margaret N. Smith of Carmichael passed away peacefully on November 23, 2012. A resident of Carmichael for more than 50 years, Marge was born in San Antonio, Texas. She grew up in South Bend, Indiana and graduated from Lawrence University in WI. Marge joined the Navy during WW II, stationed at Treasure Island. After the war, she enrolled in Cal Berkeley, where she met her husband of 58 years, Donald Smith.

They were blessed with four children, five grandchildren, and five great grandchildren. Don passed away in 2008. Marge was a lifelong football fan and cheered for the 49ers until her death. For over 50 years, she attended St. Matthews Episcopal Church, serving as the church organist and bell choir director. She directed her final performance of the bell choir at her 95th birthday party in October. A memorial service will be held on Dec. 15, 2012 at 1:00 pm at St.
Matthews Church, located at 2300 Edison Ave in Sacramento. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to St. Matthews Episcopal Church.


Do you think Marge wrote her own obituary or did someone else? Did this cross some of your minds? The obituary is fine .............. 

But my question to you is have you taken time to at least draft out your own obituary? OR are you going to leave that to someone else to write it? This will be in a time of grief, why burden someone with this assignment at that time. So write it yourself and make sure that it is accurate, factual with the information you want future generations to read and know. Have you even thought about it yet? Is it particially written?  It will always be in draft form because you are continually updating it as the years go by. Where will you keep it? Someone else should be aware of it and know where it is when the time comes that it is needed. Who is that person? This does not have to be the extrator/trix of your will, it could very well be a friend. Think about it now NOT later or when it is too late.

Yes, as young as I am, I do have my obituary in progress and a will complete, grave site picked out and almost paid for. I am prepared even thought I expect that I will be around another 25-30 years or more.

.............posted by Sandra Gardner-Benward

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