Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Questions Questions and more Questions????

I have now received the following email from three different sources with the same questions? It is a legitimate email with questions that are important?? Can you help?

Do you know where all the records for your county are stored?

Representatives of FamilySearch were recently told that many California counties were transferring older records to historical societies and museums. For genealogists this may be a good move as often records are more easily accessible.

However, it is important to know where the records are. Can you help? The answers to the following questions will put us on the right track.
1. Do you know of any transfers of records from government agancies to Historical Societies, Libraries or other repositories?
2. Do yo know of inventories of records of government records or records that have been transferred to repositories? If online, please send a link. 
3. Do you have contacts in government agencies or other repositories that could help in accessing their record holdings?  



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