Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Genealogy Slots In Las Vegas - NGS Day 3

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner Benward

Step Right Up, Pull the Arm and Take Your Chances!!
Yes, we are still in Las Vegas - a city open 24/7

Add another great day in Las Vegas (actually deep inside LVH & Casino - no daylight, no windows and no clocks - yes no clocks What is that all about?

I did forget to mention that just inside the Exhibit Hall there is a Press/Blogger area set up with connections and plugins. WHOOOPE'Y!! I am here a little early this morning so I had the place to myself for a while. A little piece of quiet sofor a few more minutes and then the Exhibit Hall will officially open.

              Katherine Doyle blogger for California Genealogical Society/ Oakland  -blogging away.

1- "iGenealogy: There is an App for that" with Shamele Jordon (a second session with Shamele- same as the first - excellent) The list goes on and on. There really is an app for EVERYTHING (yes Jack for everything) Did you know that APP was the number one word for 2010? Yes it was only 2010 and now look what has happened. Little known facts for 2012: $18 billion spent on mobile apps for smartphones and tablets; 65% of mobile devices are using IOS (Apple); 127 minutes spent per day using apps compared to other consumption rates of 168 minutes watching TV, and 70 minutes surfing the internet.  Impressive and Scary tidbits of information. Check these apps out: Evernote, Time Machine, Wolfram Genealogy, Evernote, Lincolngrams (for those Lincoln buffs)

                  I know you can't see it but all the icons on this slide are all quilted. Just too cool.

2 "Going Nuclear: DNA Discoveries to Trace All Lines of Descent" with Debbie Parker Wayne- good speaker especially on such a dry subject. Well, it is dry to me. It was a very basic session on DNA- what is it, how it comes about. Very well done. I wish I had pictures of some of her slides. Just too good. She spoke about the three main DNA companies: FamilyTree DNA, 23andME, and AncestryDNA of course there are many others but these are the top three.  A lot of comparisons. FamilyTree DNA was the largest one but the other two are doing a lot of business and are catching up, but FamilyTreeDNA still has a LARGE DNA database.  Check it Out

Quick Lunch and time for the Exhibit Hall

Foot Prints lead you right to the NGS Booth with computer stations set up for participants to sign in and try it out and ask questions, so you feel comfortable when you leave them .

Someone familiar - our own book vendor from our spring seminar- small world
One of the many demo's - lots of computer stations set up to try it out.

You recognize  Also giving lots of demo's.

Remember way back - indexing the 1940 US Census - FamilySearch is still set up and continues to introduce more people to indexing and the many projects that are ready to be indexed. Great way to start off and get your questions answered.
Are you still continuing to index? Marilyn, Glenda and Sandi are. Are you? Want to get started? Contact one of us and we will help you get started.
,,,,,,,,and from Sacramento - so far from home: Sacramento German Genealogy Society
Good Luck!... and a shout out to Shirley Reimer, now recovering from surgery.

And FamilyTreeDNA and Robert. So what do they wear under those kilts?

3- "Discovering Your Genetic Profile Finding the Heart of Your Ancestry Using DNA " with Ugo Alessandro Perego- Ugo has given several sessions at our own local Family History Center.... sorry I did not stay for this session, it was too basic, it is just after lunch, the room is warm and I needed something else......  so I jumped ship and went over to...........

4- "Treasures in the Records of the US Congress" with David Rencher........  good speaker. He made a presentation through a family case study using the records he found in the US Congress records. Very interesting. (our own Pat Johnson, Archivist at the Center for Sacramento History did a similar thing at Family History Day- Sacramento by picking a family from the Sacramento area and then following them through their life with all the different types of documents that are available at the Center. excellent way to show off and let people know what you have)

5- "New York's Census and City Directories: Linking Ancestral Records across Decennial Gaps" with Terry Koch-Bostic - good presentation of what resources are available in New State and  New York City. Good substitutes for the missing 1890 US Census is the City Directories. New York is also a state that did its own state census in  between the Federal Census starting in 1925. The best chart for availability of the New York state census in the NY State Library table of remaining county schedules by county, by year.

PARTY TIME....  6-7pm Cocktail Hour and then 7pm National Genealogical Society Banquet
 "Do You Think Anyone's Going to Watch This Show? Mark  Hall-Patton AND Lucky 13:A Modest Proposal Regarding Genealogy Grants and Pawn Stores" Megan Smolenyak-Smolenyak. 

                Hey, can't say much more, you know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and that's my story and I am sticking to it  ........  sorry!! Nite.

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