Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday Society - Who's Who in Vegas at NGS

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner Benward


 So who showed up....... these are only a few of the Root Cellar SGS members and society friends

Dick Eastman blogging as he listens.[ I need to learn how to do that]


Barbara and  Billie
Tammy came in for Saturday to attend the special all day Ancestry,com Day [she and her husband are on their way to Disneyland for a few days. Have a ball1]

Lynne Roberts having a great time.
Ingeborg Carpenter representing the Sacramento German Genealogy Society at their booth

Kim vonAspern Parker (RC member and blogger)  and Kim Cotton (officical blogger out of the bay area)

Kathy a new friend from Sacramento. She is not a member but a supporter of Root Cellar.... using our library at the CA State Archives and she attends Root Cellar Spring Seminar. [she is considering membership] Hello Kathy.

Pat, a new friend also from Sacramento and a future member (September). She just moved to Sacramento, and decided to attend this conference. She sent Root Cellar an email wondering if anyone from the Root Cellar was attending. The email was forwarded to me here and we finally connected, Welcome to Sacramento via Las Vegas and we look forward to getting to know you this coming year.
James Baker (Sacramento German Genealogy Society, attended but no picture- sorry.
Katherine Doyle (California Genealogical Society in Oakland - official blogger) no pic - sorry 
I know I missed a lot of others, sorry, it was crowded, a well attended conference-
WELL OVER 1600!! plus more because Saturday had the special Ancestry Day all day program and Saturday was also Kids Camp..... 
Sandra Gardner Benward signing off- it has been fun!
Looking ahead, are you going to the Southern California Jamboree, Burbank in June?
They are having a special day of DNA. I think it is a must attend event.  
Also coming up, Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) conference, Fort Wayne Indiana in August. This is the home of the second largest library in the country - Allen County Library. This is also a must attend conference. They have an entire track on just helping societies.

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