Thursday, May 9, 2013

Friday's Faces from the Past - NGS Day 2

bEditor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner Benward

Still dark clouds covering Las Vegas but not sure what it feels like outside.

Checking my email today I received my voting ballot. How exciting, our first election with online voting. Fill out your ballot and send it back. Now everyone in the society will be able to vote since you have from today (which is actually yesterday) thru 31 May 2013, VOTE NOW but only once,

.......and back to the conference. WOW another great day of classes and luncheon..........

"Cloud Genealogy" with Shamele Jordon This is a new speaker for me. What a good speaker, great sense of humor, I was very impressed. As you may or may not know with Cloud Computing you can access your data anywhere, anytime. It is simple, it is storage of your data but not on your computer. Applications and data are available on the internet (the cloud) instead of on your computer. When we as researchers travel to different locations, the cloud offers an easy assess to your data - includes family trees, research documents, photograghs and more. Did you realize if you use Google you have a whole suite of applications at your disposal books,  like email, picassa, maps, reader, books drive(docs) and more. And then there is Evernote. You can download  it on your computer and also the APP to your tablet or smartphones co. Using cloud computing whatever you add to one devise is added to the other devise. What a great idea. I learned about a new website called DIIGO (online social bookmarking with tags. You can share them, highlight them, and add notes. Very cool. Storage was discussed Dropbox (2gb Free),  SkyDrive (7gb Free), GoogleDrive (5gb Free) all support  PC and MAC. AND the all important Back-up. Back Blaze (new, introduced at RootsTech), Carbonite, Crash Plan, iDrive, JustCloud, Mozy, SugarSync, Zip Cloud and many others. Cost ranges from as little as $5 up to $10 a month. Some give unlimited space and others regulate the space available. You need to do the research and make the decision for yourself.
"How to Find Your Relative on the Internet Without Really Trying" with Daniel Horowitz.. David spoke about how MyHeritage works and how it will help you in your research. They encourage you to upload a gedcom of your family tree or a branch. They do comparisons with other trees and with the trees of If there is something that matches you both will be notified and then you have a choice of accepting, or ignoring.  It is a good thing to put your tree up in several different places. Think about it.

New York Genealogical and Biographical Society Luncheon with speaker Terry Koch-Bostic  "Read All About It! Finding Spicy Stories of New York Ancestors in Newspapers Online" Lunch itself was excellent. Speaker was very good. Terry says that New York State is rich with historical newspapers, many newly digitized and now online. (who knew?) She gave her presentation in a story fashion through newspaper articles she her family. Great for her. She gave us a lot of good references. So I will try looking at newspapers again.

"Online Tools for Genealogists" with Barbara Ann Renick. She divided the online tools into 7 categories: Language and Handwriting; Timelines and Calendars; Geographic and Map; History and Background; Help and Educational; Social; Locators and then each category was discussed. I will refer you to her website.   click on notes and then links. I have not had time to study all the links she has on her website but it looks very promising. Good Luck!

"How to Create an Exciting, Interactive Family History Tour of Google Earth" with Lisa Louise Cooke owner of Genealogy Gems  It is always a fun time with Lisa but a learning time too and this session was not the exception. Oh my this is going to be gooooooooood!!  Lisa created an interactive video using Google Earth. I am not going to be able to explain how to do it, I will need to do it first. This is something that will excite the young and the non-family/friend genealogist. 

Had dinner with a new friend  Debbie from Pittsburgh, PA and Kim Parker at the buffet in the hotel. Oh my goodness it was expensive, good but way over priced. If I want coffee that they provide in my room it costs $4 a cup - just crazy. I find that my boarding pass to get home will cost $2.50 - yes to print out one piece of paper. Unbelievable. No free wifi in rooms or lobby area. The conference has partnered with other organizations to have a WIFI Hot spot just outside the Exhibit Area so that participants can offset the cost of the hotel wifi. Nice but there are no plugs to charge while you are using your devices. smoke free does not mean smoking on this side of the room and no smoking on the other side. Hard to take that clean deep breath. cough, cough,  cough, weeeze!!!

 OK OK I am off my soapbox and back .....   I am having a good time, I am.

...........back from the sauna. Another Full Day Tomorrow - Time for bed. NITE!

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