Monday, May 6, 2013

Tuesday Travel - How. What, Where, When for NGS2013

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner Benward


Come along with me for the next couple of days.
There will be lots to see and do, and lots to write about.
What to pack, what to think about, what to do to get ready for this conference?
One thing I've done is download the FREE 2013 NGS Confernece app. I have gone through the schedule and created my own calendar for the conference, adding my flight information, any breakfasts, lunches and dinners and extra activities that I will be attending. Everything in one place. It updates itself all the time so you always have the latest information, latest changes and updates. Also, available on the app are maps, speakers bio's, exhibitors, Alerts, direct connect to NGS website, News, Friends (sharing schedules with friends) , Attendees, direct connect to twitter for conference, facebook connection, conference docs, downloads, official bloggers, and you can also rate each session you take directly thru the app, plus a long list of restaurants in the hotel, conference  and much more - all on one little app. AMAZING!!! (the app is available for most devices) - I've eliminated alot of paper by using the app.
Also on the app I have also downloaded the conference programs (called conference docs). They are in PDF format. It shows a daily schedule, room numbers, plus room for notes . So now I have eliminated carrying around that paper schedule.
I have been following the  official NGS Conference Blog, as well as alot of the NGS conference official bloggers (one of them being Root Cellar- ME). There sure is alot of diversity and you will get alot of points of view of the conference.  They are all listed on the NGS website.Try it!
Now for registered attendees, the Conference Syllabuts is available online to download a copy to your tablet or iPad or  print out what you want. It has been suggested to go through the schedule, pick your sessions, and then print out those class handouts so you can follow along.  So I am doing that now. They will NOT have print out area's like there have been at other conference's. So planning ahead is a best practice
It is my understanding that there is no FREE wifi in the hotel rooms. I am not sure about the lobby areas but only PAID wifi in your rooms at the LVHotel. But I am reading about a partnership between, FamilySearch & the NGS Conference for FREE wifi at the conference. It will be passoword protected but for use by attendees only. Its called the Internet Cafe. It will accomodate up to 300 users at a time, 20 minutes per session, 24 hours a day Monday thru Saturday. It will be located in Pavilion 5 and in the Pavilion Foyer between the Pavilion and the Paradise Event Center Foyer.
Unfortunately, there will not  be any sessions being streamed live at this conference.  You can order recordings of most of the sessions on CD from JAMB Tapes, Inc. for $12 each at the conference and afterwards through a link on the NGS website. If you look through the schedule you will be able to see the sessions that are going to be recorded.
If you are able to come or NOT, you can follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others.  Use the #NGS2013 hashtag. Don't forget about the live Twitter feed within the free NGS Conference app...........
So here you have it........... 
Follow on Twitter (@ngsgenealogy) send your tweets @ngsgenealogy for general information or use the hashtag #ngs2013 for Annual conference-related tweets
Follow on  Facebook  AND/OR subscribe to the NGS conference blog
So are you prepared or do you need a day or so more?
For those not able to attend, I will  do my best to keep you updated and informed as I go through the conference.
Tuesday will be a travel day. I will arrive around noon, put my luggage in lockup for a couple of hours while I go to registration. . I have volunteered to help with registration Tuesday late afternoon and Wednesday early morning.  YIPPPEEY!!

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