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Fridays Faces From the Past ----- FGS Conference

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

This day started with a lot of  "rock and roll" .......  just trying to stay in my seat was almost impossible, I wanted to jump up and a little twisting and shouting......... The keynote session this morning was "HAPPY BIRTHDAY,  SWEET SIXTY: THE ROOTS OF ROCK & ROLL AND      1950's AMERICA the" with Richard Aquilla, This talk traced roots of rock & roll showing that early rock & roll reflected the 1950 ' ie: switchblades, leather jackets, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard. I found I had a bounce in my walk and the music going through head while my fingers were still snapping away as the session ended. Most of those days were gooooooood times!!

 Exhibit Hall Opened as the keynote opening session ended.........

Kathryn Doyle from California Genealogical Society out of Oakland CA.
 I added this flyer of hers because I really liked it, it is very unique . Great job Kathryn.

and the next table over is Paula Hinkel from the Southern California Genealogical Society (JAMBOREE co-chair) Congratulations to Paula and her fabulous Jamboree Committee - FGS awarded Southern California Genealogical Society an "Award of  Merit in recognition of their vision in conference event planning and creating year round benefits for a global audience" WOW! and I do WOW! I am very impressed but it is all true. Big round of applause! The Jamboree is a top, professional conference, improving and growing every year.


Are you still indexing? Do you want to try and just don't know where to start? Give me a call or drop me an email. Every bit of indexing helps to complete projects and get those documents out to the public.  

Do you use US GenWeb? I use it all the time for a lot of different reasons.  Check out the state and county you are interested it. Did you know that the whole project is run by volunteers? Yes it is. What a remarkable thing.

This was a very different but very good session. "HOMETOWN HEAVEN: DISCOVERING EUROPEAN HOMETOWNS in the IMMIGRANT ANCESTORS PROJECTS" with Jill Crandell, a Professor at the Center at BYU. This session was sponsored by the Center for Famiy History and Genealogy at BYU.
This an amazing project being done by students through donations supervised by Jill Crandell. What an amazing job she has. The project is now in its 13th year and going strong. We watched a video past and present students going through the process.  Center for Family History and Genealogy  The point of this project is indexing Emmigration Records from around the world that may show those hometowns. I have been trying to find my German ancestors hometown for years. Now at least I have another resource to check out. The input of new records continues everyday, so continue to check back if you don't find anything. This is a wonderful project. There are other projects on the website. All databases are FREE. I can hardly wait to check out the website and all the databases.  Good Luck!
LUNCH was good. Service not so good. The luncheon was sponsored by the International Society for British Genealogy and Family History (ISBGFH): "There and Back Again: Your British Ancestors on the Move"  with Audrey Collins. Enjoyable, good hearing about her family and their movements throughout the British Isles.

"Going Nuclear: DNA Discoveries to Trace All Lines of Descent" with Debbie Parker Wayne. I was thinking it was an intermediate session on DNA .... Debbie is a good speaker and really knows her stuff I just thought it would be a little more advanced. ...  unfortunately it was more like a beginner session. It was a good refresher but not what I expected. Remember DNA is not a magic bullet, you still have to research the old fashion way.

I took a breather for the rest of the afternoon and played in the Exhibit Hall.. ....  talked to representatives of the Ohio Genealogical Society (my home base GO BUCKEYE's), the Ohio Historical Society (handing out little post-it pads in the shape of the state of Ohio) , Pennsylvania Genealogical Society ( second home base- made a new friend - yeaaaa!), spoke with friends in the Ancestry booth, sat in on a demo of the wiki & learning center at the FamilySearch booth, also sat for awhile and did some more indexing (so how many of you are still continuing to index? - lots of projects to choose from.  Marilyn  this will put a smile on your face -I indexed Immigration cards from Wisconsin-  thank goodness they were all typed- the names were brutal).

Can you believe the numbers below.....  the indexing continues with or without you. But it would be better with you.

 .... visited with JustaJoy booth.  Incredible work they are doing. If you are not familiar with this organization go and visit. They have been approached to do a weekly reality show. How exciting for them.

 Oh information is out for RootsTech 2014 and the discounted cost is $139-  February 6-8, 2014         Salt Lake City, Utah. Early bird price is good till September 9 with promo code RT14ECLSV. This will be the best price this year. Take advantage now.


.... visited with FGS booth and made another small donation to the 1812 Project (yes I am a soft touch for a good cause. How about you?)......... announcement of the FGS 2014 Conference "Gone to Texas" August 27-30, 2014 San Antonio Texas. I understand they have a large and fully stocked genealogical library with items from all over the country and some from the world. (Hey Sammie Is that true?)

Shopped at Family Roots Publishing Co/ Meitzlers (you may recall they have been our book vendor  for our Spring Seminar for several years) Yes, I found a couple of books to bring home with me.. A big surprise  - this is their last conference outside of Utah. They are considering becoming a " .com". Special thanks to the whole Meitzler family for all they have done for us over the yearsat.
Talking with the National Genealogical Society (NGS)......  save the date: 7-10 May 2014 Richmond Virginia for the 2014 NGS Family History Conference-  The First Frontier.   
Lots of good stuff in the Exhibit Hall. A lot of prizes given away tonight but my numbers were not called. Well, there is always tomorrow and the next day.
and finally Root Cellar SGS has a presence here at this National Conference. Our Library flyer and our  Publications flyer are both out on display in the society area. (Mary Anne you might want to have more copies made plus more membership forms- I will be coming home empty handed) 
Sorry for the length but couldn't see where to cut it, or what to cut, so many things going on, and so many things to tell you about. I hope you don't mind.
Tomorrow is another full day of conference and night at the library. 
Nite ! ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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