Monday, August 12, 2013

Tuesday Travel - What to Pack? What to Bring to the FGS Conference? (or any Conference)

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

Anyone from Root Cellar SGS going to Fort Wayne Indiana  for the Federation of Generalogical Societies Conference starting next week?

It is time to discuss what is important to take with you for researching at the second largest genealogical library in the country - Allen County Public Library and for the FGS Conference.            I am excited to be able to attend and if you don't mind I will be reporting back to you each day while at the conference, so stay tuned and give your feedback...............

Now onto packing.............

Comfy shoes. Nothing worse than doing alot of walking and have great shoes that hurt your feet. Don't bring those brand new shoes that you have not broken yet.

Comfy clothing - layering is probably the best thing to do. I have not been very sucessfull at this in the past so need to do better. Outside might be hot, but inside might be cool or cold because of air conditioning. So be prepared with a light jacket/ sweater or shawl.

How are you going to carry around your "stuff" all day long at the conference each day? Roller bag? Shoulder bag? BackPack? Don't know what they will be giving us when we check in.......hummmm!!! I have a roller bag that folds up pretty small, and that might be a good thing. But things get pushed to the bottom and difficult to get items out. I've got lots of bags. I'll look over my bags and see if there is something there instead. Of course you could also think about a back pack, something light weight. Really no need for a purse - need to consolidate or use something small.  Bring my nice name badge holder that will hold my money, credit cards, room key, pencil, pen, small note pad.

You will need a small zippered bag with essential office supplies: mechanical pencil (my choice), post-its (use for tabs in the syllibus, magnifying glass (eyes need all the help I can get), highlighters, business cards, paper clips, rubber bands, gallon zip lock bags or file folders, address labels.

Need a notebook or use the laptop/iPad for notes. I think I will print off the sessions I am planning on attending and then take notes directly on the paper copies. I know I know old school, but I can write quicker and more accurately than on the laptop. It is hard to balance the laptop on your lap, type and listen at the same time, same with the iPad. We will see.

Electronics -  I am bringing my laptop, iPad, iPhone, camera, & flip pal, . WOW this looks like overkill but they each have there purpose.  I might leave my camera behind. But I need to remember my chargers, cords, iPod (time on the plane & in the airport to listen to a good book), head phones. I have loaded a number of very helpful app's on my iPhone & iPad........Families is the most important. I am hopeful that there will be a Conference App to download and soon, Evernote App, Dropbox App, Dragon Dictation, Mag Light App, Translate App. Hey a techie gal needs her toys

Need a research plan for my days at the Allen County Public Library.......... that I will be doing in the next couple of days. I am anxious to actually have time to do some personal family research. I should be able to get in at least 3 days of research before the conference activites begin.

In addition to all the items above I will also be packing undied, Root Cellar t-shirts, shorts, jeans, socks, nighty, slippers, toiletries - trying hard to layer clothing.

I will need to take my water bottle that I can carry with me during the day. Water is the best tasting liquid and we all need lots of it. Also, I need to get some snacks to take with me OR purchase there. I will be attending a breakfast, & several lunches but will need some high energy snack bars. Probably easier to take them with me and not have to worry about where to go to buy them when I get there.

So I am hoping to have one small suitcase and my computer case....  trying to travel as lightly as possible. IS IT POSSIBLE? Yes, sort of!!!

The other items I want to bring with me is an OPEN MIND, ENTHUSIASM, EXCITEMENT, GOOD HUMOR,  & PATIENCE ........... I am looking forward to visiting with friends (Hi Kathryn) and making new friends. Looking forward to shopping in the Exhibit Hall and Blogging back to you with the hope that the information is fun, interesting and of use to you and it might entice you to come to a conference next year.

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