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Saturday Shopping at FGS Conference

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward


"FINDING YOUR GERMAN ANCESTORS USING US RESOURCES" with G David Dilts sponsored by FamilySearch.  (but also wanted to attend "Effective Use of ScotlandsPeople Website" with Paul Miner)  OK OK I stuck with the Germans. Someway, someday I will find out that elusive German hometown in Bavaria and in Hessen-Darmstadt - George and Caroline DIETZ immigrated in the mid to late 1860's traveling through Baltimore, Maryland ending up in Allegheny City, Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania........  but so far it is not happening. So you see I need all the German instruction I can get. This turned out to be a beginners session, but that is ok,  I can't go wrong going back to basics, looking through the documents and paperwork I already have. I am hoping to find a living relative but not today. The speaker really emphasized checking all your home sources. Unfortunately I don't really have any home sources for this family.  Good session, good speaker. 

"THE OHIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY AS A REPOSITORY OF GENEALOGICAL RECORDS" with Elizabeth L Plummer sponsored by OHS. I was very impressed how active they are in the state, Then it turns out that they are the official repository for the State of Ohio- similar to our own State Archives. They remind me a little of the Center for Sacramento History - maybe 20 years ago. They are slowly getting collections indexed and some digitized, but most of their collections are not indexed so nothing online, you would need to visit in person. They are physically located in Columbus Ohio. Excellent resource if I ever get back there to research. It would be a white glove visit. If anyone is thinking about going in the near future always call first  (614-297-2510).

 "HANSEL AND GRETEL: FINDING OUR GERMAN ANCESTORS' TRAIL HOME with Tamra Stanfield sponsored by FamilySearch. Again, another German session........ A lot of the same as the first session, just presented a little different. I need to read her handouts and gleam some of the tips she was talking about,  Also a good session and a good speaker.

LUNCHEON: Indiana Genealogical Society (IGS) - The Indiana Genealogical Society: A Case in Thriving" with Curt Witcher............ Again what a character and such a fun speaker. He spoke all about the Indiana Genealogical Society. I am very impressed with this organization and all it is doing and going to do. They are a state organization and have 92 chapters - one for each county in Indiana. 1812 Project was also discussed. Their organization did the same as Root Cellar SGS by challenging their members to donate to the 1812 Project and they would match up to $10,000,  well like us, they exceeded that match and decided they would match everything that came in till this conference. So they ended up with approx. a $23,000 donation plus that will also be matched by OUTSTANDING WORK!!  Oh remember I told you yesterday that FGS has set aside $50,000  as matching funds for the 1812 Project and that they would like to raise $20,000 of it during the conference......... well earlier today they were only about $1500 short of this goal. Very impressive.  

"LOC.GOV: GOV: USING OUR NATION'S LIBRARY ONLINE" with Laura Prescott .... I still think that the Library of Congress has wonderful 'stuff' but it is very difficult to maneuver through the maze of pages. But I will try again, she has left us with some good tools.  

"EVERNOTE FOR EVERY GENEALOGIST" with Cyndi Ingle Howells.... and another character. [we were in between sessions when the building alarm went off and we were told this was an emergency - everyone out of the convention center. So we went quickly causing all sorts of traffic problems outside. Too many people for the sidewalks so they spilled out into the streets, traffic stopped. As soon as most were out of the building, they let us back in again.......  just a test]  Well as it turns out we got back in time for sessions to start back as normal........ I am determined that I am going to learn this program/ app and use it effectively. Need to d/l the program to my laptop so I can use it in the cloud and from my iphone and ipad. There are several ad on apps to enhance the program. Think of it as a file cabinet.......your can create over 250 notebooks but there is no layering, one level so using tabs takes care of that. You have up to 10 ,000 different tabs and each notebook can hold up to 10 different tabs. Amazing.  Oh technology!! Now lets see if I can  talk the walk.

"METHODS FOR IDENTIFYING THE GERMAN ORIGINS OF AMERICAN IMMIGRANTS" with Michael Lacopo  Roots4U  --YES one more time. It is German day for Sandi. We went over a little of the history. When we say our ancestors are from Germany, Are they really? There are a lot of German speaking countries in Europe...... Switzerland, France, Austria, Tyrol, Bohemia, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland and probably others. You really need to know the history of Germany....  it has been many things and broken into a lot of small entities over the years.

6-pm Allen County Public Library/ Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana co-hosts of the FGS 2013 Conference, invite conference attendees to "Journey Through the Generations with Our Veterans" a special after hours event sponsored by FamilySearch  AND the library has extended their hours to midnight for those researchers that are still awake. Tired YES but I wanted to be able to use the library one last time. They did have a special program planned. The raffle for the quilt was done. No we didn't win it. Beautiful quilt. AND then they had a drawing for an all expense paid 2014 registration for the San Antonio Texas Conference  which includes hotel expenses. Wasn't that nice. A Southern California Genealogical Society Member won. She is a great volunteer and it is nice to see good stuff coming back around and repaying your good services.

Just wanted to show my respect for a past member of Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society and an FGS member and speaker. Again FGS has dedicated a memorial session to Chuck Knuthson . The Chuck Knuthson Memorial Lecture honors Chuck Knuthson who was an FGS board member, FGS Vice-President of Administration, FGS treasurer and a friend to everyone he met in the genealogical community. A police captain by profession, Chuck was a professional genealogist who researched for more than thirty years. After a courageous three-year battle with cancer, Chuck passed away in 2008. Chucks primary genealogical interests included German research and involving young people in family history.

FGS is pleased that Teresa S McMillin, CG is "honored to have my lecture, "He Took Her Name: Understanding German Farm Names," as the 2013 Chuck Knuthson Memorial Lecture. Thank You for this opportunity , I think that this lecture is fitting as a memorial to Chuck because of his interest in German genealogy. I believe he would appreciate a unique topic such as this as his memorial lecture.

 Also included is a Memorial Lecture in the name of  James Dent Walker and another Distinguished Lecture in the name of  Helen F. M. Leary.

I was back in my room by 9:30p. I wouldn't be able to make it to midnight and then get up for tomorrow's sessions.  


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