Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wednesday Workday - LIBRARY DAY

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward

 Hey guess what was waiting for me at the library when I arrived this morning?  YES all my books were just as I left them the night before and waiting for me...... awesome! I just sat down and started working, rather than running down the same books, hoping someone else doesn't have one or more already, gathering them up and getting settled to work. I love it. Why can't other library's do the same thing. This is so cool !!! 
AND,,,,,,,,  I had another great day at the library.  A lot more information, and confirmation of some marriages, some births and a couple of deaths with my New Haven, Connecticut families (Bristol, Trowbridge, Beardsley, Browne, Pecke, Blakeslee, Sperry, Lamberton)

Are you ready? It is time to show off this wonderful library.....


The Genealogical Center is located on the second floor of the Allen County Public Library. You are looking at the entrance. Yes those are metal detectors you pass through as you enter. No fear, they are more worried about materials leaving so be very careful.

First thing you see is the ASK HERE Center to the left. AND they know their stuff. All the maps and information about the library are available here too.

Looking straight ahead are more tables set up than usual. These are resource and reading tables, not wired up, just tables and chairs. And they have really been needed the last two days.

Turning off to the left is a HUGE research room, The tables are wired for computers and other devices (some of outlets actually work). As you look straight ahead you will see nothing but shelves and shelves of books 

Hard to show the whole room but this is the HUGE research room I was referring too and it has been full both days.  Each person seems to have half a dozen to a dozen books next to them at any one time.  And no re-shelving for patrons. I would hate to be the re-shelving staff - the carts seem to always have books in them that need to be re-shelved. Amazing work they do!! 

Only one of many copy stations and they are always busy. Oh duh! It is different than the old days when you carry pocket full of coins for copying, You now get an actual copy card  and you add money to it, The copier recognizes the card. NO refunds from the card. Just put it in a safe spot for a return visit. No,  their card does not work in Salt Lake City. Too bad. 

Heading down that aisle past the research room........  as I said shelves and shelves of books. On the right are moveable shelves. You see one row of many rows. I think they may call these the stacks. Unbelievable how huge this place is and then they add people to complete the mix,

I opened one of the shelves -  you are looking through the moving shelving and you can see that it goes on and on and on

...and if you look left when entering the library you will be looking at another large research room. These are wired tables. NICE. And there are dozens of actual computer stations with working computers. If you don't have a library card (and of course I don't) you can get a temporary card to access the computers, You are limited to  60 minutes at a time 10x in one day. And then you get a new card the next day etc...  There are also copiers in this room too.
And now we come to the MicroText area

Just a small view of all they have on film and fisch.

Microfilm and Microfisch cabinets......  WOW I am impressed.

More aisles and shelves of books..............
........and more-  MORE is better. Hope this was a good representation of the library. You will need to check out their online catalog to appreciate their holdings.
I do have to say that the staff (all staff) have been wonderful. They are friendly and very helpful. They are bracing for the coming days of the conference. It should be really really crowded.
Did I mention that the library will be open until midnight Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
I have to also say that the rest of the library is pretty awesome too.
And here we are at a special gathering at the convention center for  delegates. This is something new that they want to continue each year. Food, drink and socializing, Josh Taylor, President of FGS, led the evening with announcements and a short meeting (something about being mandatory) FGS had their board meeting last night and as an organization they have put $50,000 aside it is ear marked as matching funds for the 1812 digitizing program. WOW! $50,000 to match!!  They hope to raise $20,000 over the conference time. BIG GOAL! Let see how it goes. George Morgan is the membership chair.  I think there were over 50 delegates from society's all over the country. I sat next to Paula Hinkel (Jamboree), and Kathryn Doyle (CGS), Paula Stuart Warren (FGS chair & speaker) (ok ok enough name dropping for today)

 Time to climb into bed.....  tomorrow is going to be another long day and I want to enjoy every minute. .......  Society Day.  Nite .....................................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. Sandra, Do you have any connections to a Joshua Beardsley, born 1734 in Stratford, Conn., may have married a Sarah Downs?

    Thanks. David Adams, dcadams2@juno.com.


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