Thursday, August 8, 2013

Those Places Thursday – A Look-up Volunteer's Bookshelf

Editor's note: Today's post was written by  Richard Hanson.

As all of you reading this know, a substantial amount of genealogical information is not posted on the Internet. Also, you won't find everything in libraries, museums or government offices and archives. Sometimes what you seek can only be found on a bookshelf in somebody's home. If you're lucky, that person is a look-up volunteer.
A look-up volunteer's bookshelf (Richard Hanson).
Look-up volunteers are typically associated with certain genealogical or historical societies and are usually listed on organization websites. They will check their personal reference books and other materials for information requested by the visiting public. Email is usually the communication method of choice.

The various GenWeb organizations are examples for which look-up volunteers are part of their core purpose. Two local people are look-up volunteers. I am such for California GenWeb's Sierra County website, having a number of genealogically-interesting books on the early history of that county. Some are self-published and hard to find from other sources. Another volunteer is Joan Gunn who has over 26,000 church records for Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

California GenWeb (Sierra County) – Richard Hanson:

World GenWeb (Baden-Württemberg, Germany) – Joan Gunn and 12 other volunteers:

If any of you know of some other websites offering look-up volunteer services, please post their URLs in the comments for this blog.

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