Friday, February 14, 2014

Follow Friday - Life AFTER RootsTech 2014

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward   

RootsTech 2014 is over. No really, there are lots of videos to watch, all those streaming sessions - 30 in all from 2013 & now from 2014, plus going through my notes and transcribing them, getting all research information in order before it is lost or misplaced. So RootsTech2014 is over but hasn't really ended. It just keeps giving and giving. If you didn't go, and even if you did, take advantage of all 30 free streaming sessions available on RootsTech

Was it worth a week out of my life to attend? Did I benefit from the World's Largest Genealogical Library being in the same place? Did I use my time wisely?  Yes it definitely was worth the week of time. I planned ahead, and tried to follow my plan. There is so much to go through at the Library- from local, to state by state, to over the pond and into Europe. Microfilm, fiche, and books and maps.......  online databases and books that have been digitized and are available to download in its entirety. Love that. Keep checking back because FamilySearch is continued to digitize all the books in their library and vault. Wow, I just find that mind boggling ......... and we are all still indexing (I am - are you?) so file by file, document by document are being done and put up for everyone to search through.

The trip home was not as I had imagined - very different. We drove and so left about 8am from Salt Lake City, Utah Sunday on our way home to Sacramento California. It was clear, crisp and cold when we left. By the time we crossed over into Nevada it was almost a white out. I came on us very slow.........  a few rain drops, then it was heavier rain and then sleet and then snow and all of a sudden we could barely see in front of us.

We were following a truck which we continued to do........  after a while all we could see is the glow of his red tail lights- barely. We kept asking where are the snow plows and then we saw one on the other side going east NOT west for us. Then the truck pulled off and we were in fresh new snow. OH MY!! I believe we were probably traveling about 25 miles an hour if that. It was a little scary but we got through. Then it was clear again........... Reno was clear and then we started up into the Sierra's and the weather was starting all over again.........  light rain, heavier rain, sleet and then snow. This time the snow plows were at work. We did have four wheel drive and brand new tires. YES YES we did have chains in the trunk just in case, but it turns out we did not need them. We did get over the mountains before the pass was closed down and chains were required. Great driving Ron, really great. It is wonderful to be out of the snow, ice and COLD and back to central California winter weather (60's) and rain........ oh my we certainly need the rain. Apparently our first rains this week brought Folsom Lake back up 15 feet. I can't even imagine that much water.

It was a wonderful time. Now I need to organize the materials and notes so I can continue to go forward.

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