Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Talented Tuesday - Researching at THE LIBRARY

Editor's note: Today's post was written by  Sandra Gardner-Benward    

What a great day. Looking out over the mountains with a sheet of white fluff, it is crisp and cold although it is in the forecast for tonight or early morning.  But I am somewhat prepared with layers of clothing (being inside most of the day it is just for those few minutes that I am outside) ..........     I was able to spend the entire day at this wonderful library. If you ever get a chance to come to Salt Lake City please allow yourself at least a couple of days for your research at the library. But do your homework first and make it a worthwhile couple of days. I am so glad that I did some preparation for this time in the library. It sure helped.

Backtracking, I prepared by going through the library catalog at home and finding out what materials they had on Waterbury & New Haven Connecticut; Washington, Arglye, Summerhill, Cuba, New York; Taunton, Somerset, Exeter, Bassenthwaite, Penrith, Cumberland, England. This will be in search of documents, materials and background information on the BRISTOL's, TROWBRIDGE's, and LITTLE'S lines. I will add the SHEERAR's to this list but not sure if I will get time for them or get back into England but I am prepared just in case.

      " The Musketeers"  Sandi, Charlene, and Marilyn 
We are enjoying our time together and helping each other when needed

I did not bring my computer or any other device with me to the library this first day except for my iPhone which of course has "Families" App. I have my whole Legacy family tree on my  app. What a great research tool it is and has been all day. Where ever I was in the library I opened the app and looked at any part of my ancestors lines, the dates, the locations, what documentation I have already collected on them and what I still need to find. WOW!! I am amazed how useful it is. I thought I brought my Flip Pal, but no it is sitting on the chair at the backdoor ready to be picked up. Oh well, next time.  But I do have my iPhone /camera. Of course I did bring several flash drives for downloading documents instead of making all those paper copies. AND guess what, I downloaded two books out of the catalog. One that is over 1100 pages about the History of the Trowbridge Family and it seems to be sourced. The other is a 260 page book on New Haven Connecticut. Mostly history and coming up into the present times. I read 60 pages on the FamilySearch computer screen and taking some notes when I realized I could download it and bring it home with me, YES!!! Today was mostly United States book day. For some reason we were thinking that the library is open till 9pm each night except Saturday and of course closed on Sunday, but it is not. Monday's they close at 5pm but the rest of the week it will close at 9pm. yeaaaaa!! Will I make it?

The library was surprisingly busy today. The buzz is wait till Wednesday and maybe you can still get in. Yes, that will be right according to last year, Monday and Tuesday were pretty open- no problems getting tables microfilm machines or copiers. However by noon on Wednesday every person for themselves and hope that the book you want has been re-shelved

We are all going out tonight Olive Garden. It is very close by. This the first time Charlene has been to this library so we are anxious to talk to her about her first day in mecca. night

Good Night sleep last night and looking forward to another good night tonight.

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