Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - More on THE Library

Editor's note: Today's post was written by Sandra Gardner-Benward 

If you have not been to THE library in Salt Lake City -  
here is an opportunity to take a look. It is massive with billions and billions of books, microfilm and fiche. There are 5 floors- 2 basement floors and three above ground. The entire building is extremely clear. It is well lite with lots of comfortable chairs, roomy tables and lots of computer stations, rows and rows of microfilm, very nice copier stations and clean restrooms. There are lockers for all your items. They even give out tickets to get you into their cafeterias outside of the library. Can't say enough about the staff, they are all volunteers and I find most of them are learning right along side of the patrons, but that is ok because most of the time two heads are better than one. They are always courteous and willing to help, and if it is not something they are familiar with they get more help.

When a new person comes through the doors, they are greeted and are assigned a mentor. There is a short video to watch to help you with a positive experience. Now you know at least  one person- someone that is interested in seeing you succeed.

Welcome to THE library..............

and this is the entrance Monday morning and below is what it  like this morning

 ...... you are now coming in the front door. Lobby, information area. The main floor is straight ahead under the clock on the left or in through the arch to the right of the front desk. You will be welcomed and asked if this is your first time. IF it is..........

 they will assign someone to you....  now this is a good thing. You are offered an opportunity to view an introductory video to help get you feeling more comfortable with the layout of the building and the floors - after all there are 5 floors all completely full of resource for all of us.

                                              Here is the orientation room......  pretty comfy!

 You have now entered the main (first) floor which houses Family History Collection and the Canada Book Collection and as you will see plenty of computer workstations.

Now we will go upstairs - you can take the stairs or the elevators. As you can on the sign what is being housed where,,,,,,,,, lots to explore,
 Second Floor - microfilm - rows and rows and rows of microfilm and microfiche. rows and rows of Microfilm Reader Stations .............

                                            ....... and again plenty of computer workstations.

Entering the third floor with all the US Book Collection and it is huge. Each floor you will see this information center. I have to say that they are busy all the time. No matter how busy they get they are always courteous and helpful. Extra staffing is already noticeable and there will be even more as the conference grows closer.

                           Comfy chairs, well lighted rooms, large tables and many many tables, is 9p and the library is closed, imagine being so tired after only 10+ hours of watching microfilm, and reading and looking through many books. Who knew that researching could be so exhausting.   We are on our way back to our hotel and a warm room. Burrrrrrr!! it is COLD

 Hope you enjoyed your tour of the Library - well the main, second and third floors. I have not set foot in the two basement floors. But tomorrow may be that day.........

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